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GET PAID to Build Your Primary with PeopleString!




Heard of it yet?


Basically, you will be getting paid to build your primary!


Here's how it works.

1) You sign up into the Social Network space.  (It's like Facebook or MySpace.)


2) You take a survey to specify the offers you wish to be mailed and how often.


3) You will get paid to do all the things you normally do:

-Check email online

-Purchase products online

-Log on to other social networks

-Get junk mail at your house mailbox!


4) You will simply set your home page to PeopleString as the main portal page.  From here you can do all the stuff you normally do as well as network with other entrepreneurs!


5) You will begin building your people string.  You'll earn on multiple levels of activity WHILE you are growing your primary business!!  Talk about multiple streams of income!


So very simple.  Very step by step.

Not to mention, FREE advertising!



There is something I have to tell you.


There are two membership levels "Free" and "Entrepreneur."


Both can earn by sharing in 70% of ALL company revenue!



You will want to lock in as an "Entrepreneur" for the higher commissions PLUS exclusive, member's only benefits!


This Entrepreneur level is $200 for a 2 year membership so get it done!


When People String comes out with future "paid membership levels" they could be monthly or annually.  We don't know.


We have training webinars, upline support and training just like any other MLM company.


You'll even be set up with your own email account that will also contain some of this training.


If you have any questions before grabbing either membership, please Email me directly.


Just put "PeopleString" somewhere in the message so I can get your message on each of my email accounts!




Here is the link to join and become my friend on PeopleString!


I'll also be helping you on an individual basis.


Meet you on the networks!


Christopher Gaudette

On SoKule:  http://SoKule.com/postit/JumpingIntoYoli



And this just in:

IMPORTANT: To all Entrepreneurs, People String will be going on the T.V. morning shows VERY SOON with their new technology. This means there will be hundreds of thousands of people signing up on People String because it is starting to become well known like some of the other famous websites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter). People String has announced they will be placing all these extra people under the Entrepreneurs that are busy BUILDING their people string. (They have already started adding these people)  DON'T MISS OUT! Because of this huge popularity growth in People String, get to work NOW... and YOU CAN HAVE THOUSANDS BENEATH YOU WITHIN JUST A FEW MONTHS.

People String is about to stop offering the Entrepreneur positions out. People needing money seriously need to consider getting one of these positions before they're gone. Why?  I have around 9000 people below me now and making money by the minute. All I'm doing is building my string and People String keeps rewarding me with extra people. IT'S AWESOME!



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