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1062.50 and 385 and 17.50 in 12 hours

1062.50 and 385 and 17.50 in 12 hours

Good Morning.

The net is exploding with ca*sh heavy
programs and I am just astonished at the
numbers that can happen in just 12 hours

Kevin and Scott's new site is pumping iron.
Go here and get in now


It is only 12 hours old an here are the
numbers it is generating.

1062.50 in fast start bonuses
385.00 in monthly residuals
and 17.50 in residual matching bonsues

That's a handful of dough in a very short
time and you can get your hands on it if
you move now.

The JPE Team is right at the top of
the leaders board.

We are right at the top of the matrix
You want in on our team.

I will be promoting the heck out of this
site which is going to help everyone
who is under me.


This is not just a matrix site where
everyone can participate even if you are
a lousy recruiter, but it is a site that
is going to provide you with the advertising
tools to start making a real living online.

Kevin and Scott provide you with good
places to advertise and a sales xploder
package that will knock your socks off when
you see it.

This get my ten *star* recommendation and
can put some real dough in your pocket before

Other Sites that are Exploding

There are two other sites that are knocking
my socks off.

If you are not yet a member of AOP, this
really is a superb site.

They launched Nov 30th.
During prelaunch my commissions were 5055.00
You can participate in a monthly bonus
pool which is currently 395020
They advertise your link for you which
is simply superb and...
I have it on good authority that soon you
will be able to advertise your own site
at AOP.

Make the smart choice here and get this
site working for you now


Yesterday at launch time I woke up to
1395 in my Global Cash Formula site
It just launched yesterday. Yikes!

I am building a list here and giving it
to you to use. Get on this site.


These are three money making sites for you
to end the year with a bang and take you
into 2010 with some green spendin stuff
in your pocket.


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc
Track Us on Sokule

PS If you are wondering where I am getting
the sign ups for these sites. Taht is dead easy

There are only two things I am using

The first is Sokule where I post daily
and reach a vast Social Media Network at
Twitter and Facebook and 17 other sites

The second is the lists I mail to and you
can find them all here

This is not magic
If you use the right advertising tools
You can do this too.
Yes you can.



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