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Did You Miss The Party?

It Pays To Have The Family Behind You!

As you all know Robbie Bracco-Vicki Gardner- and James Lawson are serious
around here and when Robbie and I along with James  developed these 3 programs
for you all ..we in turn also are team players just like you so today with all the
excitement and how many people pulled together their funds and started us on a
super fantastic Friday. Robbie's family members also pulled their funds and they all
took another spot each to create this unreal cycling frenzy this afternoon. Because of
these purchases it has created what is called a bi-cycle in NGC and 10dollaradz for
those who are new and have no idea what a bi-cycle is its when more than one person
cycles in NGC which in turn creates a whole lot of positions going into 10dollaradz
creating major cycling there also. So here we go we have a BI_CYCLE folks! What's our
degreeofthree motto folks?.....Promote one earn from 3.

Congratulations to Doug Thomas for cycling Tier Two in DOT

Congratulations to Dora Lo for cycling Tier one in DOT

Congratulations to John Bracco for earning $280 (28) ad packages in 10dollaradz and
for earning $120 a reentry into NGC

Congratulations to Rick Ray for earning $100 (10) ad packages in 10dollaradz


We have another tier one and tier two guys Judy Rothschild just purchased a position and
cycled Doug Thomas for tier one and Kevin Farrell for tier two congratulations everybody

We have a tier one cycle # 186 SunilKuru congratulations

Congratulations to Gwen Trullinger for cycling for her first $500 for tier three in NGC of
her $2,000 payout!  And the money has already been deposited into Gwen's AlertPay Account.

We paid out over $40.000 in our first 10 days after launch.

Wow I love when a good payplan all comes together don't you!!

I shared with someone today that if only people had foresight instead of hindsight!

Now they say I wish I had gotten in sooner!  But the good news is that it is never too late and in
a month from now more people will be saying I wish I had gotten in 30 days ago!

Jump on the bandwagon now!  Just login using your 10$ADZ username and password.

If you have received this message and are not yet a member then just go ahead and Join
then come party with us!


Party on Guys!  This party is in addition to the one we had first thing this morning
from our International Group!


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