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Flying Solo...Jane's Sunday Sermon
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Flying Solo...Jane's Sunday Sermon

Good Morning

When a pilot has enough hours under his belt,
the instructor throws him on his own to fly solo.

When a Mama bird decides that it is time for her
young to be on their own, she kicks them out of the
nest to fly solo.

Flying solo can be a mark of independence, a mark
of competence and a way to learn to survive if you
are a pilot or a bird.

If you are in an online business, flying solo can be deadly.

Flying Solo...Jane's Sunday Sermon.

All of us who own or market a business online cannot
afford to fly solo.

There are only so many sites you can develop at one time.

There are only so many sites that you can market at one time

To make your online business successful, you need help.

What follows is Jane's Help Guide and it is pretty easy
to follow.

My partner Phil and I don't believe in throwing people
out on their own to fend for themselves.

We realized a long time ago that if people do not have
the tools to market with and don't know how to use the
tools they have when they get them, they are bound to

So...We developed the tools that work.

Today I am going to concentrate on lists...

Where to find them, how to use them and why you
cannot survive without them.

First let me tell you what I do.

Every morning, I mail to my own lists, other people's
lists and I join a new list at least 2 or 3 times
a week.

Almost every day, I pay for a solo ad to run at
some list that I don't own or don't belong to.

And I look for deals when I join a list or buy a solo
ad mailing.

By that I mean. If I join a new list, I almost always
take up the one time lifetime offer.


Because usually it is the best deal offered at
any site. I pay once. That's it. I can use that
list forever. That's just good business sense.

For paid solo ads, I look for deals. Many list owners
offer a free solo with one that you pay for.

Or I look to order solos from a site I have not used
before to get new eyeballs on offer.

I look for lists that I know will grow and provide
me with an ever growing audience to reach.

Let me give you some examples


A new List just came out.

I joined it right away.

It's free to join but... There is a one time offer
that you will see when you sign up. I took that
up because this lists means new eyeballs for me
New eyeballs means new sales

It means I can mail to 3000 members every three days
which means I am running a solo ad every 3 days.

That's what I look for in any new list that I join
How many people can I mail to and how often. When
that number is 2500 or more. I'm in. Period end of


Talk about a site that has a good mailer.

Yesterday, the mailer opened at one of my favorite
sites, Schnaaps and I mailed to 4505 members. Need
I say more? This site offers me a heap of eyeballs
every 3 days. The minimum is 2500 as a paid member
and you can work your way to more when people
upgrade under you. This is a superb site offering
superb advertising and if you joined fr*ee and
are just sitting on your wings, you are in for
a clipping of those wings.

Join and upgrade here and use the mailer every 3 days.


30 FR*EE Solo Ads

This is one of the best deals we have been
offered and I am extending it to you but you
need to move on this now.

Our friends over at The ATM, are helping us
celebrate the launch of our new site, Kule Space

Here's what they did for us.

Anyone who signs up and upgrades under this
special link today will get 30 (count um 30)
Solo ads for fr*ee. Yikers!


Thanks Mark and Amy.

[fname] You will be reaching about 3000 members
and you can do it 30 times for fr*ee with a
modest upgrade at The ATM.

Talk about flying Solos. These are them or
these are it or whatever the right English is
for this:) I am really speechless about this.

Sokule  and Kule Space..The Ultimate Mailers

Sokule builds a list for you and that list is
yours to keep and to email every three days.

We build that list for you on Auto Pilot.
You don't have to do a thing. Not one thing.

All you need to do is to sign up.

We use something called sokens to build your
list on auto pilot. You just sit back and
watch it grow and every three days you can
email that list.

For those of you who do not have a clue how
to build a list, let us do it for you at
Sokule . All you need to do is to mail to it


You do need to be a silver member of higher
to have us auto build your list so don't miss
the one time offer for our silver membership
when you are signing up.


At Kule Space our newest site,  you can purchase
a solo ad to over 3000 members and you can do this
whenever you like.

I actually order a solo ad at Kule Space
about every three days. And yes I pay for it
just like everyone else because only 3 solos
go out per day and if I want one, I pay for it.

Why do I go for Kule Space?
The answer is simple.

People from all over the world are joining
Kule Space and these people represent new
eyeballs for me. I want to reach them. I
pay to reach them.

You must be a member of Kule Space to access
the solo ad mailer so join us right here
It's fr*ee to join

So Here's the bottom line.

If you are flying solo without building your own
list and using other people's lists, you are going
to take a nose dive quickly.

Flying Solo may be great for newly minted pilots
and for birds but in all likelihood you are neither
so make sure you are not flying alone on the net.


That's ends the Sunday Sermon for Today.
Well, not quite.

Here's the deal

Anyone who signs up today and upgrades, today,
under any of the links above will get 1 million
sokens at Sokule with a value of 1270.00 for
each upgrade they take.

Sign up and upgrade in two of the above and
you will get 2 million sokens. Sign up and
upgrade in all 5, you will get 5 millions sokens.

Why is that Sokule  sokens bonus so important?
Because it is going to help build you list
at Sokule  faster than a bird can catch a worm.
And of all the lists that exist, the one that
belongs to you is the most important.

There is a method in my madness.
I want you to have your own list
I want you to be able to mail to that list.
You can do that on auto pilot at Sokule.
And the 1 to 5 million sokens bonus will help
you do that in a hurry.

You can't fly solo.

I am making it dead easy for you to hook up
with good responsive lists and to build one
of your own at Sokule.

Want to see your business grow?
I am navigating you in the right direction
The compass is pointing due North.

Now..it's your turn to fly.

Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: Here is how you collect your bonuses

Send me your full name, your payment receipt
for any of the sites above and your Sokule username


Your sign up or upgrade to these sites must be
dated today and must be under the links in this
email in order to qualify for this bonus.

Please allow 24 to 48 hours for your sokens to
be added to your Sokule account. Thanks Jane





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