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Use it or Lose it...Jane's Sunday Sermon
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Use it or Lose it...Jane's Sunday Sermon

Good Morning

Walk into any store today and you will see bargains galore.

Last month is was back to school bargains.
This month it is Columbus Day bargains.

Next month, Thanksgiving will kick in and then on to Christmas

The bargains will keep on coming at you day after day.

There are many terrible aspects of a worldwide recession
that is having trouble digging itself out of a hole but...

Out of many holes, you can pick up some sensational
bargains if you keep your eyes peeled and have a
good nose for them.

Almost every other day, I get a notice from one
of my favorite NY stores with some discounts that
I can get my hands on if I take action.

I always do when I get those notices because I know,
by now, that they have an expiration date and if I
don't use the discount, I lose it.

I have lost on too many occasions and so I learned
to keep my eyes peeled for my Macy notices.

I hate losing so I...

Use it or lose it...Jane's Sunday sermon.

On the net, you will often find discounts and bargains
and, like Macy's, most have an expiration date.

Sometimes they come at an inconvenient time.
You are too busy.
Your bank account is a little low.
Your credit card is maxed out.

And so you put off the purchase thinking it will
come back again to you some day, some time.

But, on the net, fast movement on bargains is
often required and they do not always come
back to you in the same form or the same way
that you saw them originally and some do not
ever return.

Fast movement is often required when you join a site
that just launched as your positioning in that site
may be critical and can be the difference between
earning thousands of dollars or hundreds of dollars

Even in lousy times, you often do not have the
luxury of sitting back and waiting for the times
to get better.

Sometimes you need to make the plunge and...

Use it or Lose it.

Many people online have what I call overload paralysis
This is a paralysis brought on by themselves.

They join every site they see as a fr*ee member and then
sit back and wait for something to happen.

Have you noticed...Nothing ever happens:)

Business...any business...has risks involved in it

Some succeed beyond your wildest imagination.
Some are kind of ho hum and just mosey along.
Some fail completely.

All have a common factor.

They all require some risk taking on the part of
the developers and on the part the people who
join the site.

How many times do you hear of someone investing
in a new product and they make a killing.

And just as often you may have consulted a stock broker
who told you to buy xyc company and it never moved
the needle and maybe it even went down.

Investing in any business, online or off, is a risk.
but if you never do it, you will never win or lose.

Part of any business decisions involves your
willingness and ability to work at developing
or using  the purchase you just made

Part of any business decision, involves your ability
to pay for it either now or in the future.

Part of any business decision also involves timing
and some luck.

All three of the above should enter into any
business decision your make.

If your choice is to make no decision, then you
have foreclosed any possibility of success with
that decision.

Waiting and watching may be good for bird lovers
but it is definitely not of any benefit if your
goal is to make money online.

You will just sit back and wait for something to
happen forever and...

It never does:)

So here are some Use it or Lose it opportunities
available to you online right now.

Pay attention because they will not come back
to you again like this.

SOKULE SILVER at the original oto price.

First: At Sokule we are running a Columbus Day
Special and if you know Sokule at all what I am
about to tell you should make your ears perk up.

We are offering our silver annual membership at
the original oto offer and we are doing it for
today and tomorrow only. Offer ends at midnight
Monday, Oct 11th at midnight est.


We are adding 5 million sokens which has a value
of 6350.00) and those sokens are added to your
regular silver membership sokens of 2.125,000
so when you sign up silver today at Sokule, you
will rake in a Kule  7,125,000 sokens (value 9017)

Your silver membership will give you access to
all of Sokule's 82 posting sites.

It will grow you a list automatically.

You do nothing at all and you will have trackers
hundreds of them in days, thousands in weeks.

This is your own list.

You can mail to that list every three days right
from Sokule.

You can post messages as long as you like and
they will appear on Twitter and facebook and
myspace and 79 other Social Media sites and blogs

And today and tomorrow only, you will get a bonus
of 5 million sokens when you go silver at Sokule.

You can read about everything you normally get
with your silver membership right here

If you are already a member of Sokule, you can
use the link above to pay and I will upgrade you

If you are not a member of Sokule, you can sign up
right here http://sokule.com

And you will see this special onetime offer as
you sign up. I will add your 5 million sokens

This is one of the best advertising deals we have
ever offered.

Use it or lose it

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: Here are some other business decisions you need
to make now.

1) There is a new site launching with a matrix and
a great product next week. I am right under the owner
right at the top. Join up here and be prepared to move
when it launches

2) Phil and I are launching a new site that will
knock your socks off on Nov 15th.

If you are on the list below you will get first
notice of our launch but...

There is another site launching either Monday or
Tuesday or Wednesday next week which we know
about and if you move on it fast, you will make
money end of story.

I will let my mystery list know about this first
so get on this list if you are not already on it

3) Some of you joined the new cycler that launched
a few days ago. Some of you are still fr*ee. Wrong
move. Here is my story. I invested 150.00 in this
site and it returned over 3931.24 in 5 days 12 hours
and 1 minute. You can invest 30 bucks and build
it the same way but if you buy 5 positions under
me, you will collect 1 million sokens at Sokule

to collect sign up under my link, buy 5 positions
email me your full name, your username at power2share
your payment receipt and your Sokule username to














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