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Last Day for 7,125,000 Sokens. Make Your Move Now. CDay Special
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Last Day for 7,125,000 Sokens.
Make Your Move Now. CDay Special

We are running a Columbus Day Special at Sokule.

Today is the last day you will be able to put
your hands on 7,125,000 sokens.

That 7 million, one hundred and twenty-five thousand
sokens with a value of 9017.00.

If that doesn't make your eyes pop, you are probably
comatose from too much holiday:)

What will over 7 million sokens to do for you at Sokule?

They will grow you a list on auto pilot
You do nothing at all. Sokule grows the list for you.
You can email that list every 3 days

You will have access to all of Sokule amazing
advertising reach

You can post to all of our 82 Social Media sites
and blogs with just 1 click.

You never have to log into facebook or twitter
or any Social Media site at all.

You just make 1 post at Sokule and it is all over
the net in a nano second to 82 of the largest and
most popular Social Media sites on the net.

You will get access to post on Kule Wall where
you will reach over 1.1 million viewers

You can preschedule your posts
You can edit your posts
You can post messages as long or as short as you like
You can ping 33 weblogs with your posts making Google
and all the search engines sit up and notice you
You can ea*rn commissions right from Sokule and get
paid every Friday.

In order to do this and to collect the 7,125,000
bonus offer, you must be a silver member of Sokule

You can sign up and take up the one time offer
you see as you sign up

Or, if you are already a member of Sokule, you can
use this special one time offer link which you may
have missed when you first signed up.

We will upgrade you manually after you pay.

Any route you take to your Silver membership at
Sokule today will get you that 7 million plus
sokens bonus..

If you are still comatose after this, then there
is probably not much more I can say except this:

Sokule has caused a revolution in the way people
are advertising on the net.

With it you will succeed at whatever business
you are promoting.

The offer of 7 million sokens disappers tonight
October 11th at nidnight est.

Use it or lose it.

go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS Here are just a couple of the sites I am advertising
on Sokule

Power2share. Where I have taken in 5661.32

And Schnaaps Where I am at the top of the leaders board

I got there by posting on Sokule's 82 Social Media sites
and blogs. Think it doesn't work? Think again:)






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