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Phil did Nothing and he is in profit- ca*shing In
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Phil did Nothing and he is in profit- ca*shing In


My partner, Phil, Joined under me at Power2share


He didn't do a thing.
He didn't promote his link at all

After 24 hours, without lifting a finger,
He had 32.81 in his account which her
prompty withdrew and is now taking me
out to dinner tonight with our good friend
Ken Mcarthur.

This morning he woke up to an additional 15.81
but I don't think I can weasel dinner out of
him again:)

So here's the bottom line

If you join under me at Power2share and
buy even 1 postion like Phil did, you are
going to make mon*ey even if you can't
promote for beans or you don't want to
promote like my lazy partner:)

Of course you will make a geat deal more money
if you do promote this site.

I have 2480.41 in my alertpay account after
2 days, 14 hours and 14 minutes.

It is a fast moving, profitable cycler that
pays you everyday or ten times a day if you
request it.

It also give you free advertising at two
other sites once you buy 2 positions.

If you need ca*sh in a hurry.
I suggest you run over here right now

Join here

Buy at least 1 position.
You won't ea*rn anything if you don't buy anything

If you hop onn my back, you will ea*rn some dough.

Unlike Phil I intend to promote the heck out of
this site because it is a great way for newbies
to learn to market and great for experienced
marketers to ea*rn some real dough.

Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc


PS: If you buy 5 positions, you can collect a kule million
sokens from me to use at Sokule. Here's how...
Buy right now under my link 5 positions minium...

==> http://www.power2share.net?sokule

Then email me your full name, your payment receipt
for power2share and your Sokule username to

If you are not a member of Sokule, join up right here


PPS: How did I turn 150 into 2480.41 in 2 days 14 hours
and 14 mintues. I did it by posting to all of Sokule's
82 posting sites with just 1 click. You can do exactly
what I am doing at Sokule.


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