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800+ Enrolled since last night. You could be on top if you act quick at Tuesdays Launch!

Welcome To 4DShares.Com

We Have Not Launched Yet but at the time of this mailing we have pre-enrolled 828 members but the good news is that you can enroll now and still be at or near the
top because the line will build according to when you order.  We just opened it up last night so you can see how much interest there is.

Imagine if you act fast at Launch time which is Tuesday 10/12 at 9PM Eastern time you just may be ahead
of all the people below.

Just click this link and see how many have joined since I mailed this email at 12:30 pm Eastern time today! 

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Member Count: 828
Paid Members: 0
Total Paid: 0
Latest Member: castorville
Last Joined Date: 10/7/2010
Last Cycle: Never
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5 Stars use it
We Accept : AlertPay and SolidTrustPay

Thank you for taking the time to visit 4DShares.Com

What this program does is create a PROFIT SHARE with our advertising sites 10dollaradz-Next Generation Central and DegreeOfThree.com and other sites that we will be adding to our network of profit sharing sites in which we are distributing our profits with our advertisers.

You Have Come To The Right Site For Making Money.


How would you like to get paid every time that one of our active members purchases a new share?

OK! No Problem!, Let's Do It!

Do We Have Your Complete Attention Yet?

Please Keep Reading To Discover How...

The most pertinent and obvious question you might ask is "How exactly does this program work?"

The answer is actually extraordinarily simple and will prove to be a MASSIVE BANKER for every single activated member!

You get paid on each share you buy which means that if you buy 2 shares you get a double share! buy 3 and get triple! buy 4 and get quadruple! buy more and earn absolutely incredible amounts of passive cash and your shares will never ever expire!

We know that you will agree that this program is a winner and will make 4DSHARES the best shares program ever! You can even earn money while you are asleep because this is completely passive income!, just login to your back office in the morning and check how much new cash you earned while you were sleeping! You don't have to be first in to earn the most either, in fact the best way to earn more is to own as many shares as you can comfortably afford.

Please Be Aware That Sponsoring Is Not Required To Be paid but please just pause for a moment and consider the info below.

This program is very different to other programs where if you sponsor you earn a small referral bonus and simply help someone else who is next in the queue to cycle instead of actually helping yourself, this program will be absolute gold to sponsors and below is why!

When you sponsor and your referral makes a purchase, you get an instant cash bonus (OK, that's fairly normal, nothing special about that right?)

But when a program is so easy to promote because absolutely everyone will cycle and cycle and you can prove it then you have a program that is almost too easy to promote, even for the most novice of promoters!

Now consider this, every person you get to join will cycle you and everyone else instead of just the next in line like in traditional style programs which don't generate excitement or move fast. Just watch how fast this moves! As your shares cycle your account fills up with huge amounts of new cash!

Traditional programs pay the referrer a small percentage to help other people, but we pay you to help yourself as well as every other member in our program! You will then get paid from people you bring in that refer others so if you bring in your team leader you could be absolutely flooded with cash. Promoting this is literally the easiest sell in the whole world, what do you have to lose right?

If for example every member brings in just one other person it will double the membership and your earnings, if you bring in 2 and triple it, bring in 3 and quadruple it and it just goes on and on! Instant spot cash from your shares floods into your account every time a member activates or purchases additional shares.

This is why we call it 4DSHARES because every single activated member really does share in it. We believe that everyone knows at least one person that they can refer to our program, most people will be able to bring even more and for the minimum of effort you could potentially make your income go ballistic.

Even if you don't have a big email list it is still extremely simple to earn money from referrals and track the number of clicks and joins your personal referral link creates. If you don't have an email list no problem, you can still easily refer others by posting ads in forums, blogs, including your referral link in your forum signature, advertising on autosurf sites or banner exchanges, social networking sites such as myspace, facebook or twitter, the possibilities are absolutely endless!

Imagine that even if only 1 person joined per minute, that would be equal to getting paid 60 times an hour which is 1440 times a day everyday! This is guaranteed to be the greatest cash-maker ever!

Not only do you get all of the above...........

As an extra special bonus you will receive advertising from our sister site DegreeOfThree

We Pay A Massive 20% For Referrals Over Two Levels Deep!




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