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Dr. Gene Hummel


Bayberry is the old dependable workhorse for cleaning sinuses and granting relief to pressures and pains in the head caused by the sinuses. In times of relief for emergency sinus blockage, the powder can be sniffed into both nostrils. Although the effect may startle one, it is effective within seconds to relieve the blockage. A mixture of Bayberry, goldenseal, chickweed and vitamin E oil together made into a paste and placed into the ear will correct a wide range of ear problems including loss of hearing, infections, pains, nerve damage and ear ache. The esteem great physician Claudius Galen recognize Bayberry to drain assets and mucus from the brain through the tear ducts. Bayberry also aids digestion and removes morbid disease nourishing material from the alimentary canal.

I hope this helps some of you get through the winter.

Best wishes,

Dr. Gene


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