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Follow the Money and Pick Up 6 Million...
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Follow the Money and Pick Up 6 Million...

Follow the Money, honey.
when you do, you will see where it leads.

You have seen them right?

They are multiplying like wildfire.

No, I am not talking about rabbits:)

I am talking about the cycler craze that is
running around the internet like cats grow

Nothing wrong with that.
That's a good thing.
The cyclers are fun.
They can be very lucrative.
Most are relatively inexpensive

People, who can't recruit, can ea*rn money with
no recruiting altho if you promote you will ea*rn
a great deal more.

These Ca*sh bash game sites (as I call them) are a great
place to hone your marketing skills.

Here are the ones I am promoting and why


Power2share started this craze off with a bang
and they pay you two, three, four times a day
They have a second site- now in pre launch- for
higher rollers and you use the same log in for
both sites.

You join site 1 here first

Then if you want to double up on your shares
and earning, you go here and log in with your
username and password that you used for


I have ea*rned over 7000 from this site in about
9 days so I would say if you want a starting point
this would be it.

You will collect 1 million sokens at Sokule when
you purchase 5 shares under my power2share links
and you can see how to collect below.


4Shares started off with a rough patch but seems
to be back on track now and they are catching up
So if you have not as yet joined, join under me
here and collect 1 million sokens when you buy
5 positions


Here is one you probably don't know about.
I think it is the best kept secret on the net
so you may want to pop over here right now
adn go to the affiliate section where it says
shares. If you buy 5 under my link, you get
a Kule Million Sokens at Sokule


EAch share here is 27.00 so it's a bit less expensive
then the other sites and it comes with a free solo ad
mailing which makes it very valuable. The more shares
you buy, the more solo ads you get. That is priceless.


And here is a neat one.
It's called autopilot ATM not to be confused
with the ATM one above. Two different sites

The site pays regularly and it comes with 1
million sokens when you sign up and purchase
5 postions under my link.


New Kid on the block so get in as soon as you can

This is Stever hoffman's new site. It is in pre launch
which means you can get signed up but you can't buy
shares yet . This gives you a chance to get in
right at the top so hop on back.


Shares here are only 20 so you can pick up a kule
million sokens when this site launches when you
buy 5 shares.

There will be another new kid on the block soon
so keep your powder dry until you hear from me
on that one. I should know something later today.

Now...suppose you join one, some or all of the above cyclers.

Then what?

Welll first of all see below to see how you can
collect a Kule Million sokens at Sokule for each
site that you join under my link and pruchase

1 million sokens has a value of 1270.00.

If you joined all six and purchased 5 postions
at each site, you could pick up 6 million sokens
at Sokule with a a value of 7620.00

You would be so far ahead of the game with these
purchases that there would be no way anyone signing
up under me could ever get hurt at any of these sites
and that is just the way I want it.

I want you to benefit from the sites you sign up
under but I want you to benefit from Sokule as

There is only one reason I get a lot of sign ups
at any sites I promote and that is because I use
Sokule to get the word out to 84 of the largest
Social Media sites and blogs on the net. And I
do it with 1 click.

You can do this too.
Sign up to Sokule here

Pick up the one time offer for the silver membership
as you sign up and you will be set with the most
powerful advertising tool on the net.

I know. I use it.
It gets me sign ups and sales every single day.
It gets me on the leaders board of many sites
around the net and it can do that for you too

Now...why do you want 6 million sokens at Sokule?

Because in addition to our 84 posting sites, we
build a list for you automatically at Sokule. You do
nothing at all and you will have a list of thousands
just by our giving you 6 million sokens.

You can email that list every three days.

So bottom line here.

I am giving you six very good, very fast paying
sites to join .

I am giving you the one tool you really need to
advertise with, Sokule

And I am giving you the means to build a huge
list for yourself on autopilot and to mail to
that list every 3 days.

The secret is Sokule

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: Here is how you collect your Sokens bonus

Sign up under my link in any one of the sites above

Purchase 5 positions.

Send me your full name, you username for the site
you signed up to, your payment receipt showing
your actual payment for the 5 position and your
Sokule username


Please allow 24 to 48 hours for your sokens to be
added to your account and for us to check that you
are in my downline at the sites above. Thanks Jane







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