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I Never Post On Twitter...See Why

I Never Post On Twitter...See Why

I love Twitter but I never post on it.
In fact, I have two Twitter accounts
and I never post on either one.

Here's Why.

I can log into Sokule

I make one post on Sokule and it appears
instantly on both my Twitter accounts
and on facebook and on 22 other Social
Media sites

I ea>rn commissions at Sokule every time
someone upgrades under me. I pocket
that green spending stuff every Friday
at Sokule. Friday is payday at Sokule.

I can't do that at Twitter.

I can direct squeek all of my followers
and email them all once every three days
at Sokule.

I can't do that at Twitter.

I can build a list of trackers at Sokule
before you can say "that's Kule" and I can
target the group of trackers I want to follow.
I do this using Sokule's unique Sokens system.

I can't do that at Twitter.

I can auto welcome all of my trackers at Sokule.
I can post longer posts at Sokule
I can set up my posit page with a real
business presence on the net using live
links and graphics and video
I can post long articles and promos on
Sokule and have them post on Twitter
and facebook and 22 other sites instantly.
I can edit my posts at Sokule
I can pick my favorite people and see
their posts all the time
I can schedule up to 25 post in advance
I can advertise on Sokule
I can ea'rn that green spendin stuff as
an affilaite of Sokule.


I can't do this at Twitter.

Sokule is Your one stop advertising site.

1 Post ! Click and you're done.

Sokule does all the work for you.

There is almost nothing you can think of
that I can't do to run my business on the
net right from Sokule.

If you can think of it, chances are we
already have and it is waiting for you
at Sokule.

I never log into my Twitter accounts.

I don't have.

Now there's Sokule

Sokule...Built for Business

Jane Mark
JPE advertising
Sokule, Inc

PS Make sure, when you sign up, you take a look
at the Silver Membership oto.

You will never see that offer again.

You must be a paid member of Sokule to access
all of the 23 posting sites. Every week we add
more posting sites and there will soon be 40
or more for you to post to with just one click
so you will want to pay careful attention as
you sign up.

The Silver membership offer is the best
bang for your buck along with the founder

You can upgrade later in the members area
of Sokule to any of our membeship levels
but you will pay more for the Silver so,
if you can swing, it go Silver right from
the get go. You will see it as you sign up.



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