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Lean Forward...Jane's Sunday Sermon
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Lean Forward...Jane's Sunday Sermon

Good Sunday Morning

Have you ever watched a conversation at a
restaurant between people at a table next
to you or across the way from you?

You can tell when people are engaged...

They lean forward.

Have you ever watched runners at a marathon?
They lean forward.

Rerun an old video of Neil Armstrong landing
on the moon in 1969. He leaned forward.

If you go to seminars, watch the audience.
When they are interested, they lean forward
towards the speaker.

Lovers lean forward to kiss.

If you want to know when people are engaged
or interested in what you have to say or
what you are doing, watch the body motion

They always Lean Forward.

Lean Forward...Jane's Sunday Sermon.

One of the cable channels on TV has a wonderful
promo going lately urging people to vote in the
US on Nov 2nd. It is filled with wonderful images
of people engaged in all sorts of activities and
It ends with the simple words "Lean Forward"

It got me to thinking about this.

My partner Phil has a dozen ideas a day and he
tells me all of them:)

He knows exactly which ones I want to explode
more with him and which ones are ho hum.

How does he know that?

When he has one that really grabs me...
I lean forward.

My cat, Winnie The Pooh, can be quite endearing.
He comes over to me, sits by my side quietly for
a bit and then gently takes his paw and puts it
on my arm. I know exactly what that means and
I lean forward to pet him.

You can engage people in many different ways
and you will know if something you do or say
has pulling power and makes people around you...

Lean forward.

In business, you can easily test this lean forward theory

Something you say or do makes people take an action
and follow you and you have proof at the end of
the day that they were interested in what you
are doing.

That proof can be  a sale or a contact of some
sort that puts people on your list or in your webinar
or makes them lean forward and want to know more
about what you are doing.

People lean forward because, generally speaking, because
something is in it for them.

That something could be a need for friendship or
it could be a need to be mentored or it could be
an interest in owning a product you are selling
or just a curiosity to explore something new.

One of the characteristics you will find in entrepreneurs,
on or off the net, is the insatiable appetite to explode

something new.

That means leaning forward into the future trying to
go where no one else has gone before.

Put your LF hat on. (That's a Lean Forward Hat)

Where can you travel where no one else has gone before.

You may be drawing a blank right now.

You may be telling yourself you don't have the skills
or the investment capital to fulfill an idea that
you might have.

Yes you do.

And yes you can test that idea.

What you need is feedback.
Feedback from an audience.

You need to find a place where you can feel
safe to ask for help. Run your ideas by people
See what their reaction is.

You will know it when you see it.
They will lean forward and ask for more.

I am convinced that Social Media was born not
just for chit chat which we can all enjoy but
to give people a platform on which they stand
and Lean forward.

If you want a safe place to meet people, interact
with them and test your ideas out, join us here
at Kule Space


I am in there every day.
I meet new people every day.
I get ideas from them every single day.

I make joint ventures with people who I get to know
at Kule Space.

It is a safe secure place where most people there
are genuinely interested in you and most are leaning
forward and out stretching their hand to you.

Lean forward.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS By the way, I was leaning forward today as I
read some of my emails this morning. A couple in
particular intrigued so I leaned forward and
joined them

One is a new advertising site by Maryanne Myers
where you can email your ads many times a day
This I like:) I already posted there. You can
join fr*ee or for a onetime 47 payment get to
use the mailer without ea*rning credits to do so
That was for me so I upgraded. You will find the
site here http://oio.bz/sokule

The second is a wonderful site that just launched
by my good friend Steve Hoffman is who a really
all around good guy with wonderful sites on the net.
Let's give his new site a Sokule send off.
Join it right here and buy a couple a couple of
shares. They are only 20 each and while you are
there, make a post about it using the Sokule
Submit Wizard which is located right at the site


















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