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Yes Virginia, A fr.ee computer for Everyone

Yes Virginia, A fr.ee computer for Everyone

Yes Virgina, there is a Santa Claus.

This is the most astonishing offer I have
seen on the net ever.

Don't even ask any questions because this
is such a jaw dropper that, if you sit on
your tush or contemplate your navel, you
are going to miss this.

You are going to get a computer.
A fr*ee computer.
Yes I mean everyone.

This is not a contest
You don't have to win anything

You don't have to do a thing in fact
except sign up to this new sister site to
Giblink and GTM for 199.00 per year and
you get a computer. Period. End of Story

Well not exactly. You do need to be a
a pro member of Giblink or of GTM that
means a paying member.

If you are not run like a raindeer here
Sign up as a pro at Giblink


Or you can sign up to GTM here


You must be a paid member of one of these
sites to get your hands on this computer.

Once you are a paid member of Giblink or GTM.

Go here and just log in with your username
and password for Giblink or GTM


You need to sign up
You need to activate your account at Gibpc
for the 199 And that's it. You get a computer
or the cash if you don't want the computer.

Now, if I didn't know the owners of Giblink
and GTM, Ron snodgrass and Tim Flatt, I would
tell you this is plain nuts but in fact, they
really are giving a fr.eecomputer to EVERYONE
who joins and activates their annual account
at Gibpc for the 199 right now.

There are no monthly fees.
The site will officially launch in January
and then the fr*ee computer goes out the

Don't let it bump you on the head as it
goes out the window.

If I were you, I would go grab that computer now.

I did. Phil Did.

You gotta be nuts not to pay out 199
in exchange for a 1000 computer and to
get into the prelaunch of this brand new


To recap

You must be a paid member of Giblink or
GTM to take advantage of this deal

So sign up as a paid member to one or both..


Or you can sign up to GTM here


Once you are signed up and paid in one of
these, use your username and password to
log in here


Pay your 199.00 to activate your account
and the computer is yours.

This is really mind boggling.

Go boggle the mind and get in on this


Jane Mark
JPE advertising
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PS: Giblink and GTM are two of the most
successful sites on the net

Giblink has been around for about three
years and if you want to know the kind of
dough I have pulled from this site, try a
number close to 750,000


GTM is a new sister that recently launched
and that number is approching 10,000


These are sites you want to belong to
whether or not you need or want a computer.

The third site is just gravey on the platter
and when you can get into a site early, you
always benefit.


Giblink and GTM will keep spitting out bucks
for you month after month.

I think most of you who know me know I hang
out in Giblink a lot. Like Sokule it is
a monetized social networking site and
it does not get any better than that.

Get involved in these three sites and then
post about them on Sokule.

I don't want to hear any woulda, coulda
shoulda in January. I am telling you now
Move on this new site. Jane









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