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Your chance for $500 days

O.k. Folks,
for those of you who are with me in Power2share, you are already doing the happy dance with me.
You who missed out the P2S launch, you have an other chance tonight.
I forecast this will be even bigger event :)
Trust me, if you are not jumping in right 9PM/EST, you'll be crying tomorrow.

Sign up right this moment at:   http://www.4dshares.com?sokulelady
and come back after that and read my strategy .

Have your login information handy and ;login to the 4d site early and be ready at 9:00 to purchase your initial shares you'll need your alert pay login information and your pin number.

Make sure you log into your 4D shares profile (Test Payment Account #/ID ) and put in either AlertPay email or SolidTrustPay. user name ID....then save it so ...you can get paid with one of those pay methods. $30 /position. If you can afford it make sure you buy as much as you can right away.-- I'll start with 5 position

That time make some coffee ... because you'll be up all night watching your income grow I am not kidding when I say money by the minute.

Keep checking your statistics tab and each time your earnings reach 30.00 click to buy a new position and leverage all that you can while the momentum is high as it will pay off big in the coming days. Leverage leverage leverage!!

REMEMBER,When the admin pushes the button for people to bu*y everyone will have the same shot to get in at the TOP.
There are no personal sponsorship requirements. Each and every member gets paid equally based upon the
number of shares they own.

Good luck!

Gabriella DArko
Proud founding member @ Sokule and @ KuleSpace

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