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Cool Hand Luke Jane's sunday Sermon

Cool Hand Luke Jane's sunday Sermon

Remember that famous line from the movie
Cool Hand Luke?

" He's a natural born world-shaker."

Some people are.
Some are not.

World shakers, I mean.

If I had my druthers, I would rather be
a shaker than a not... Wouldn't you?

I can always spot a world shaker.

There is something about them that gives
off vibs or the right energy or lights
up a room. Sometimes you can't even
describe it but you know it when you see it.

Cool Hand Luke. Jane's Sunday Sermon

I talk to dozens of people every day.

Sometimes it's just to answer a support question
Sometimes it's to steer people in the right direction.
Sometimes it's to find out about a new site
on the net that I think my list members would like.

But what I really like to do most is to teach
what I know to others and, hopefully, have them
profit from that knowledge.

I don't always succeed but last Thursday
we had a meet up dinner in New York City and a
"Shaker" popped up which is always delightful

Her name is Nina Spelman and my prediction is
that you are going to hear a lot more from
her over the coming year.

You can read what she had to say about that
dinner right here.


The kind words about Phil and I are, of course
appeciated, but what I really admire is that
Nina did what all Cool Hand Lukes do.

She Showed up.

Showing up on the net to do business is your
first step towards actually succeeding in
those businesses.

And when I say she showed up, I mean she
showed up ready and determined to play.

She has joined several good sites on the net
She is learning everything she can about how
to market those sites.

She's got the pool stick in her hand and she
is ready to sink all the balls with one shot.

Showing up ready to play is half the battle
on the net

To find out more about how to do battle on
the net and be successful at it...

Join us Tomorrow Night for a knock down,
no holes barred teleseminar on how you can play
your own hand and make it come out cool for you.

Join us here

Monday, Dec 7th 8.00 PM Est

DIAL-IN NUMBER : 641-594-7500
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Topic Cool Hand Luke
How to Shake up the World using Sokule

Your job is to Show up.

See Ya

Go Get Um


Jane Mark
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