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The Key to World Peace Now on Kindle: The Peace Seed, Personal & GLobal Transformation through Storytelling

(This is from my blog for THe Peace Seed)

Imagine having a tool that shows you how every person on the planet can bring about peace

That's exactly what you have with The Peace Seed, because anyone can listen and anyone can share...whether in words, gestures, art or movement.

Think about it...

Churches and governments will do what they do, but there is something you can do every single day that will bring peace into yourself, your family, your community, your nation and thus the world...

Listening and storytelling.

Imagine the next time you think someone's acting "weird" or doing something you don't understand. Instead of telling everyone how weird they are, why not first put yourself into a receptive place and then ask them, openly, to share what's happening?

I remember one time I was in an airport with my guide dog. One of the security guards acted as if he wanted to flee. Yes, it bothered me, because my dog is clean, sweet and joyful. But as I mentioned to him that she would not hurt him, he told me he is Muslim as if that explained all.

I did not understand, so I said, "Will you please help me understand?" He said that dogs are considered unclean. What a horror for a dog lover like me! The typical American response might be to get upset and decide Muslims are backwards for believing that -- however, belief is a powerful thing.

There is no good telling someone they're wrong. I thanked him for explaining so I can increase my understanding and awareness.

Interestingly, later that night at the hotel, I ordered room service and had an opportunity to put what I had just learned to good use. The server was Muslim. I knew this from an exchange we had in the lobby earlier. So when he came with the tray, I said if he prefered to wait outside the room I would put down the tray and get the money so he would not have to come into the room with my guide dog.

He smiled in appreciation.

The thing about living in peace is that you don't have to agree with everyone else's beliefs; you simply need to respect the people and their difference. Goodness knows I do plenty of things and hold beliefs that would make someone else shudder -- and so do YOU!

In that spirit of openness, I invite you to bring THe Peace Seed to your Amazon Kindle (or with the free Kindle app for your computer).

Now on Kindle for only 99 Cents! The Peace Seed: Personal and Global Transformation through Storytelling - Kindle Edition - Kindle eBook (May 1, 2010) by Ronda Del Boccio $0.99

Product Details

If you don't own a Kindle, you can still purchase and enjoy Kindle books:

FREE Kindle App for PC

Free Kindle App for Mac

Here's an excerpt:

I'm offering the book for only $.99 because I truly desire the message of peace through storytelling to spread around the world. It will be fun to watch the globe light up with people all over the world sharing a message of peace.



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