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Treat your online business as a business - not a lottery!

I have  'borrowed' some of the 'details' in

this brief discussion from other sites' salespages.


Sorree.. 8|


However, the sentiments and plain common sense

statements made, say what I believe.


They express them succinctly, in my opinion.



Whilst I am unable to verify the figures quoted therein myself.



I certainly have no difficulty in believing them.

personally, have spent too much time bouncing from

one 'pot o gold'to another.


I have become involved in various contemporary  ponzi schemes.


I have lost money and experienced disenchantment

with the network marketing industry.



As I understand now,  in my pursuit of easy money,

I was neglecting the essential learning required.


If you want to become a baker, you learn to bake.


If you want to become a mechanic, you learn the skills of a mechanic.


Why is it that people think that to become a

successfulinternet marketer all you have to do

is signup and pay your >insert local currency here<??


The fundamental laws of economics are NOT repealed online..

YOU must work to make your online business work.


Just as YOU need to work for the success of

your bakery or workshop offline.

"Every year Millions of dollars are spent around the world by people just like you who join online opportunities that claim you can get rich by doing absolutely nothing but pay a fee. People spend an average of 5 years and $10,000 before they finally learn that no such thing exists."

While not my own research, the thought of the Scary figures  above certainly make me glad, that it was a lesson taking only  ONE year for myself to learn!


The income to be gained from a successful online business

is potentially unlimited, other than by how hard YOU are prepared

to work to attain it.


Strive now, and evermore, toward targeted goals and

prepare to reap the harvest for years..


In fact ~ bequeath the harvest!


A good business will be that worthwhile.


They say: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If that is the case then the Internet is definitely the world's largest insane asylum. Every day more and more people come online and get sucked into the game."


~this is a game you do not need to play~


If you are already playing, it is time to STOP


How many times have you said to yourself..


'..this time.

This one will do it!..

this one will make me rich!' 


or other similar platitudes?


A serious question to ask yourself ..


What have I done to BUILD my Business TODAY?


..and keep asking yourself !



The hype merchants are very,

very good at what they do.


 Be careful ! 

YOU need to become something different to succeed online

YOU need to become an internet marketer


When I first started marketing online..

..I sought out this and that ebook and video tutorial..


....I now have oodles of 'em.


Most of them are unread or

certainly not adequately studied.


Many, if not most of these publications are

well worthwhile and valuable resources to

maintain at your disposal, but information

overload approaches all too fast!

Some ideas and concepts which you can never

seem to grasp, haunt you or simply get ignored.


Imagine if you had FREE access to responsive

and accessible mentors as a part of membership of a community.


Could you see that situation being beneficial to your business?


To be able to ask your questions LIVE in a webinar

and get feedback from members of the community

as well as the administration?


...A thriving and active forum where your questions get

answered and real assistance proffered?

Call me biased, but my online business is now firmly ensconced

within the best such community online.


Not only do the regular marketing training sessions cover the various systems which make up the Perpetual Income (& advertising) Club, they also provide training and advice relating to the effective usage of the various marketing systems offered in the back-office.



Clint (the owner),  works diligently to assess the merits and benefits of the component systems. He seeks functional advertising programs which will not only generate income, in and of themselves, but will allow members to expand their primary business or businesses.


The Perpetual income Club is a DYNAMIC club.


The Perpetual Income Club WILL evolve & change.


The Perpetual Income Club requires ACTIVE members!


signup for FREE below

the Perpetual Income (& advertising) Club



Please contact me directly after signing up..


I will do my best to reply as promptly as possible.


Peter Watson aka surgreen

Skype ID = surgreen




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  • I organise & control my Marketing Data with an Open     Source Mind Mapping solution. Freemind is available HERE


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