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do you want to partner with Sokule?
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 do you want to partner with Sokule?
If you want to partner with Sokule – READ THE MESSAGE AT THE
Everyone is partnering with Sokule these days, in fact just the

other day Joel Broughton’s New Rich Report has become a lot

“Kuler”by integrating Sokule with his funded sponsoring marketing

If you haven’t yet joined the New Rich Report, I highly recommend
it, it has great training and it’s now been “sokuled”.
Once you have a New Rich Report account where you can advertise
any business that you want...I have another KULE new opportunity
that I need you to jump on right away.
Get Ready Reserve has been taking our online communities by

storm. Infact as I write this email there are now over 16,000

confirmed membersin the VIP line and less than 12 days to secure

your spot.
Joel and I have partnered in this business and here’s the best

part. If youjoin Get Ready Reserve and get in touch with Joel

right away...and I meanlike TODAY...he will be able to slide you

ahead of Mike G (Michael T Glaspie)
in the business.
That’s right, I’m sure you know our good friend and HUGE Internet

MarketerMike G...well, if you join right now and contact Joel,

then Joel can actually putMike G in YOUR DOWNLINE!!
Crazy....I know.
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to actually be in the

best new onlinebusiness of the year AND get Mike G in your

downline AND get ahead ofeveryone else in the VIP line that also

joins after you.
So, you need to do 2 things right now:
1.       Join Get Ready Reserve:


2.       Email Joel Broughton:
Email to: joelpif4p@gmail.com
Subject: Jane sent me – I want to be in above Mike G
Include your name, phone number and best time to call you in your

emailThe only way you can get placed above Mike G is by talking

to Joel
You need to take action on this right now, or miss out on the

opportunity you’vebeen dreaming of...having a huge downline and

big marketers under YOU.
Jane Mark
Sokule Inc.
P.S. Also, feel free to get in touch with me if you have a hard

time getting a hold ofJoel and I’ll make sure to pass on your

info to him right away so he that he will call you today.

You can reach me at

I will need your full name, your username at Get Ready
Reserve and your phone number so Joel can reach you



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