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The Site No One Will Ever Want To Leave...Ever
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The Site No One Will Ever Want To Leave...Ever

One of the most unique, lucrative, fun and serious
advertising sites will be pre launching soon.

I know.
I own it.
I am testing it.

My partner, Phil Basten, developed it and he
is one of the best developers on the net.

I am totally freaked by what I am seeing.
You will be too.

Get on this pre launch list now.

Even tho I cannot tell you much about the site right
now, I can say this.

Not since we developed Sokule have Phil and I been
this excited about a new site.

Our new site is going to turn the World of Social
Media on its ear, upside down and sideways and
make a splash in ways you cannot imagine.

It is also going to make you a lot of dough and
quickly, as you will soon see.

It is fun
simple for everyone to do
Everyone can ea*rn a no matter what level they join at
This is a very level playing field kind of site
as you will see when you get in.

It will give your own site exposure in a way that
has never been done before.

I am going to make this prediction right now.

That this new site will...

Rock both your own website and fill your pockets
with dough in a way that will have you coming back
to the site minute after minute.

When you are at work, you are going to wish you were at ....

When you are at the beach, you are going to wish you were at ...

When you are in your car, you are going to wish you were at...

When you in the park with a new baby in arms, you are
going to wish you were at....


Right now I am going back to play at...

I can't take my eyes off of it and you won't be able
to either.

Thank you for joining our early launch list.


I know you will be thrilled when you see what is
coming down the pike for you.

We will fill in the blanks for you soon.

Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS Right after the site opens, where I am going to
post about it? I'll be on Sokule posting to all of our
84 Social Media sites and blogs. You can do this too
at Sokule.









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