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600 000 Sokens! $30!!
My Sokens offer for upgrading to
level during the 4day OTO
at ListQUIK 2.0
will expire with the launch early 2011!

That could net you 600 000 luvverly Sokens for a measly $30

Mail up to 3000 random members EVERY 3 days for EVER

At a ONE time payment less than what most others charge per YEAR!

...plus a TOTALLY passive income stream!

..PLUS the compensation plans could net you 6 million + over your lifetime!


++bonus coupon code in the Back Office for 90 days
VIP membership at APSense - $90 value!
PLUS the $7 mini solo Action Pack will also be launched then

Mail to 3000 members
- The QUIK marketing system rebrandable pdf
you get $5 per sale 

Nice !!

Clint is building a
list building machine
here folks!
I recommend that you are not the last to join!
SEVEN income streams!
One of 'em PASSIVE :)
One of those streams, of course, is the compensation matrices worth a total of 6.2 million !!
...and people think
advertising is a cost!!
& not to forget ..
upgrades prior to launch
earn a FREE solo ad to
14000 plus members of ListQUIK
~Upgrades to the PLATINUM (both levels) get THREE!!
(These solo Ad credits NEVER expire - keep 'em until ListQUIK has 100s of THOUSANDS of members!)


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