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We all get up each morning and our frame of mind determines how our day will be. Here's a poem to help.
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Remember,the early bird gets the worm. Luke

I Am The Morning

I am the morning I greet you each day .
Before your eyes open , God ’s universe at play
Sunshine on the horizon , you have little to say
A new day’s going to greet you any old way .

Now the fact of the matter is I’m here to stay
So how you greet me , does that matter today?
You can resent me with your face in a scowl
Or you can embrace me with a hug and a howl .

Love it or hate it , life is like that .
It comes at you each morning as a matter of fact .
You can choose to embrace it , put on a good face
Or hide in a corner and decide not to race .

God gave us all that freedom of choice .
To influence , inspire and learn to rejoice
To embrace life with love , persistence and passion
As God blesses us each morning with glorious compassion .

Yes , I am the morning , each day a fresh start .
Try never to miss me and hold dear in your heart .
The thrill of each morning and dawn’s brilliant skies .
To greet as God’s blessing as you open your eyes .


May 19, 2005

by Luke

Author's Comments:
"Each new day is a fantastic blessing from God !! Reach out and grab it !! Yes it's yours ..."


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