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Some SEO tips from surgreen

If you have software building backlinks for your site, ensure that it does not post more than 20-50 links per day and in varied amounts.

(this relates mainly for newer domains as many older domains are easily expected to gather links QUIKly)

Postings made too rapidly and regularly will get flagged and you will damage your rankings in the long run.

 Software which does not check for, and replace, dead links will also be detrimental in the long term.


To get your site indexed by the search engines QUIKly, get yourself your own cloaking script. As soon as you register your new domain, install the script and cloak a link or three and post them in a few text ads around the place and scatter them about your favourite social media sites  :)

One of my recent domains, quiktravel.biz was indexed within a day !!  Nice  :)

It is this very moment having traffic built to it with ezArticlelink

You should always try to have your own cloaking in any case. Those links all pointing back to your site are just more beacons lighting the way to YOUR site not some cloaking service (why do they offer it for free you think?) I intermingle mine with ShortQUIK, the cloaking service provided by the QUIK Family of Advertising Programs. I, however have absolutely no problems assisting the web presence of this business as my future is happily associated with this particular company's success. Often I cloak a ShortQUIK link with my own cloaking, usually for tracking purposes.


Need SEO information and advice? Get it from the creator of ezArticlelink - for free! Everything for free.. sure you can become a paid member but the information you get access to is EXACTLY the same as a free member.


Essential advice for working online. I am quite serious - if you are not a member of LeadsLeap you are not truly serious about succeeding online.




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