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Copywriting Tips Webinar Take the Fear out of Writing Your Sales Letters NOW!

Does the thought of writing a sales letter make you sick?

If you have created or are making your own products,

or if you need to write sales "copy" for your coaching,
speaking or services, then read on...
If you've ever felt spooked or downright FRIGHTENED
by the mere thought of writing a sales letter for your
product, coaching or service,
I've got GREAT news for you!
You're about to stop pulling out your hair, breaking
into cold sweats and chugging anti-acids.
This Tuesday, November 2nd, at 7pm eastern, Gina & I are
co-hosting a SPECIAL 2-Hour Webinar called:
"Learn to Write Killer Copy that Sells Like Crazy!"
(Yes, you will get the recording if you can't be there)
When you think of writing a Sales Letter, what
kind of feelings does it bring up for you?
Does the mere thought of writing a sales letter
make you want to pull your hair out?
Do you feel like you're living your own horror
movie when you try to write a sales letter?
Most people feel all of this and more -- just
from the mere THOUGHT of writing a Sales Letter!
But what options do you have?
Sure, you could hire a Copywriter to write the
copy for you.  But expect to spend anywhere from
$2,500 to $10,000 or MORE if you want the copy
to actually convert!
For most, that's just not a realistic option!
(Especially if it's for your very first product!)
Sure, you could let that new product that you're
so proud of sit on your hard drive never to be
seen -- waiting (maybe HOPING?) to run into
someone who offers to write your sales letter for
you for nothing.
But unless you run into a Fairy Godmother with a
magic wand, you'll be waiting a VERY long time
for her to show up!
No-one can connect with your customer better than YOU.
Between my own products and services and my clients'
products & services, I've written DOZENS of Sales
Letters over the years.
Now when I face writing another Sales Letter, I can
usually get it done with a day of focused effort.
It's usually pretty painless too -- actually even
What makes it easy to write great copy today?
A system!
I use "swipe files" of headlines, bullet points,
and other pieces that I've saved from other copy
over the years.
I chunk the task down to the smallest parts of the
sales letter & easily tackle each "chunk" in a
short amount of time.
Wouldn't it be GREAT if you had a SYSTEM that could
make writing copy this easy for you, too?
That's why Gina & I decided to show you the SYSTEM
that we both use for writing Killer Sales Copy that
S'ells Over and Over Again!
Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 at 7pm eastern,
we will walk you through writing a basic
Sales Letter during a webinar.
* We'll show you a LIVE example of a Sales Letter
critique and walk you through all the important
elements of a Sales Letter so you can create
one for yourself and your products or services
easily and effortlessly!
* Each and every second takes place in a webinar
so you won't just HEAR about what makes a Sales
Letter work -- you'll get to SEE IT in action!
* We'll even recording every second of it for you
too!  That way you'll have it to refer to any
time you want to write another one (and make
even more s'ales of your products & services!).
* We also have a few bonuses in store for you, of
course!  Each one makes intended to make writing
Killer Copy that Sells Over & Over Again
After this Webinar, you'll start feeling VERY
differently when you think about writing Sales
No more stress - no more fear - just jump on overto:
With all that you'll learn and the templates you'll
get with your registration, you'll easily finish
your first Sales Letter quickly so you can start
making s'ales asap!
We've been busy all day putting the finishing
touches on the plans for tomorrow night's
"Copywriting Webinar".
gina and I have been hard at work preparing
templates and other tools to help you write "Killer
Copy" by the time the webinar is over.
Gina just got off the phone arranging a HUGE suprise
for you!
it is SOOOOOOOOOO awesome!
But I'm not going to "spill the beans" until the
Webinar tomorrow night!  If you want to hear the
news, you've got to join us tomorrow, Tuesday,
November 2nd at 7pm eastern!
I'll give you a hint...
How can a sales letter write itself?
If you want to know the answer, be there!  Reserve
your seat now at:
(In case you missed the details, I'm including my
last email below.)
See you tomorrow night!
Ronda Del Boccio, the Story Lady
P.S.  Remember -- you don't want to miss
"Relationship Marketing 101" on Blog Talk Radio at
noon eastern tomorrow, November 2nd.  Our guest is
Christine Monaghan, author of "Heart Broke", who
will be sharing the story of how she went from a
great life to what she calls "The Crumble" and back
to the life of her dreams again!  Join us at noon
eastern at:
P.P.S.  If you can't make the Copywriting Webinar
where you'll "Learn to Write Killer Copy that S'ells
Over and Over Again", you'll get every minute on an
mp3 recording in both audio and video format.  The
templates and other bonuses are worth ten times the
tuition alone!  Reserve your seat now at:
P.P. P.S.  Join us for "Everyday Online Entrepreneur"
in Atlanta on November 12th, 13th, and 14th and
stay for dinner on the 15th! The $1497 tuition is
waived for this event!  It's just a small, $97
fee to reserve your seat!  You can't even get a
blog installed for less than double that!  Yet,
you'll walk away with a blog installed for you, on
your domain name, with your keyword research done
for you, and with a 90-day action plan plus
support group to ensure that you implement the
plan!  Reserve your seat NOW at:


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