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Enter the Realms of Imagination - 10-26-2010GABCDEFGHIJK
10-26-2010GABCDEFGHIJK by Walter Paul Bebirian
10-26-2010GABCDEFGHIJK by Walter Paul Bebirian



"In his travels he learned that in Betica everything shone with gold which made him hurry to get there. He was made very unwelcome by Saturn, who was then on the thrown, but once the God had departed from the earth he had an idea, and went out to every street-corner where he continually shouted in a hoarse voice: "Citizens of Betica, you think yourselves rich because you have silver and gold. Your delusion is pitiable. Take my advice: leave the land of worthless metal and enter the realms of imaginations, and I will promise you such riches that you will be astonished.""


Montesquieu, Persian Letters (1721)


The Bebirian Art Collection 


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