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Exciting Original Design Mailer From Darren Olander!

As the Co-Founders of State-Of-The-Art-Mailer.com, we are big, big
fans of original designs when it comes to website launches.

Darren Olander just pre-launched one that will explode all over
the net very fast.

Darren is known for his creative designs and this mailer has
fresh and new written all over it....

Unique and valuable reward systems make for an outstanding
system that will be very effective for your advertising dollar.

Check out these features!

* Free Upgrades with activity (upgrade to get there instantly)
* Login Page Ads (a full page view of your ad as
a user logs in)
* Premium Banner Ads (highest conversion spots
within the members area)
* Mailing Credits (Send your email ad to
hundreds or thousands more!)
The more you use adchiever the greater the
rewards get
, and they get REALLY BIG!

The script is new and fresh in design and this site will prove
to be yet another winner for Darren and YOU!

Don't hesitate! Darren has put up a 48 hour promo code
for people who take action. Once it's gone, it's gone for

Promo Code: 48hours_login (this will give you 2,000 login ads)
Promo Code: 48hours_banner (this one will give you 2,000 banner



Brad Webb


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