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I wrote this poem for those who love the fall
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Fall Breeze

To those who love the fall

Fall Breeze

The stars flicker in evening sky
Whispering winds make forests sigh
Crisp and cool makes autumn die
Reminds us all that winters nigh.

Good and fresh as apple pie
Brilliant leaves swiftly fly
To mother earth to lay and die
Swirling up to Heaven’s sky

Special freshness in the air
Birds head south everywhere
Nature thickens her subjects hair
Wood stove on, friends gather there.

Summers over that’s for sure
Firewood piled inside the door
Winters coming snow so pure
Covering leaves on forests floor

My favourite time of year
Glistening, sparkling silver frost
Puddles frozen, ice so clear
Fall is here and summers lost

By Luke

Nov 8th 2005

by Luke


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