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7 Days and Counting-You Could be in Now
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 7 Days and Counting-You Could be in Now

7 Days and counting.

We are counting down to our pre launch on Nov 11th.

If you are not on our early launch list, get on now.

7 Days and counting.

If  you are on this list, you will get early notice
of our launch on Nov 11th.

Let me tell you just a bit about what has been
happening at the site over the last 4 days.

About 25 people have joined us in a beta test
of the site. They are all came in as founders
and partners at the site because they are
building an important database at the site
as you will see on Nov 11th.

The site has taken in over 55,000 and we are
paying out 75% of that to our members so
those who join early as as partners and founders
4 days ago at site are making out like bandits.

You can do that too. See below.

Here are just a few of the things people are saying
about the site. I am leaving out the name of the
site until Nov 11th when all will be revealed.

Founder and partner members who have registered
already are raving about our new site...

LUUUVE XXXXX: You are right, I do not want to
leave XXXX.... Happy Founder! Gabriella DArko

Hey guys am really impressed with what you have done
with this new site. Wasn't going to upgrade because
low on funds but am so impressed will try to borrow
some bucks if you would allow me Founders Position
for the OTO Price. Any chance?
Thanks In advance!

Terry LaFever
Founding Member of Sokule

Update Terry is now a founding member of xxxxx

What's to like with xxxx? A bunch, that's for sure... Likewise

why I somewhat DISLIKE it...

Well, with their cheap prices and the good commissions I make, I

simply keep on buying and re-buying every time... It's TOO MUCH

FUN !!

It's TOO ADDICTIVE, lol...

When I leave the site alone for a couple of hours and then re-

check my account, whoopsy, another whopping amount of money made,


I simply just cannot seem to spend my money at XXX, because it is

doubling right back into my account every day!

The only way NOT to earn on xxxx is to leave my account alone.

But every single minute I use mine, I'm making money...!

Joris Pasman

JANE IS RIGHT: XXXX is SO ADDICTIVE. I took up a Founders

position only a few days ago and the KUL;E money is flowing by

the minute. I already own some of the coolest key words on the

Internet and you can have them to0 for Pennies on the Dollar.

Ray Blee
The Perfect Franchise

Jane and Phil, LOVE XXX and I too am addicted to it.  For a site

that is just in beta/load testing it is absolutely remarkable. 

Now how could we not expect anything but the best from you both. 

I can not WAIT to share with all my friends.  The EARNING

potential in here is unbelievable!  Definitely has a STRONG

RECOMMENDATION from me.  I can also say that from just sharing

the "concept" of the SECRET with friends they too are saying

"COUNT ME IN!"  What a blast!

Beverly Trca-Kitchen
co-Founder Perfect Storm Team

[fname] ,I bet we could have you saying these exact same


If you want to get in now early and start raking in
75% of the commissions at this site and you want to
come in as a founder or partner, you can do that and
get postioned for profits that you have never even
dreamed about before.

Contact me here and I will give you all the details


My partner, Phil Basten, designed a site that is so compelling
that I have a hard time pulling myself away from it
even to answer the phone.

I Promise you, you will feel exactly the same way
if you come in as a partner or founder. You will see
a little red Account balance in the corner of your
members area that just keeps going up.

So if you are tired of being last all the time
and want to share in the dough that is pouring into
the site at an unheard of level, get me that email
and I will get you the details and be prepared to

Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc
XXXX site is waiting for you.

PS Even if you cannot come in at the founder or
partner level, we have a site waiting for you that you
can join for fr*ee on Nov 11th or fund with whatever
amount you like starting at 10.00 bucks. Everyone
comes out a winner at XXXXX  but those that get in
early always get ahead of the game so make sure you
contact me today and make sure you are on this list
for updates.





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