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The Road Not Taken
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The Road Not Taken

Do you know that poem by Robert Frost?
The Road Not Taken.

It is one of my favorites

It has pretty much been my motto for
my life and has led my business endeavors.

One could do worse then take a page out of Robert Frost:)

Think about your own business online.

What path are you traveling down?

Is is one that you are passionate about?
Is is one that you are succeeding with?

If not, then find the road less traveled and take it.

You can find that right here at Sokule.

Sokule is leading you to the new arena for
advertising on the net.

It is the world of Social Media advertising
and, when you master it, you can travel down
any road you want.

When you know how to use Social Media to your
business advantage, there is nothing you cannot
do on the net..

Phil and I saw the advertising trend moving
to Social Media over two years ago when Sokule
was just a gleam in our eyes.

In about a week, we are about to combine the
world of Social Media in a completely new
and unique way and, if you want to come along
for the ride, be sure you are on our launch
list here.


But lets get back to Sokule and how you can
travel down the path that is has provided you

First: We offer you 84 Social Media sites that
you can reach with just 1 post and 1 click

In order to do that, you need to be a member
of those Social Media sites and set up your
accounts at each of the sites

Once you set up an account at each of the Social
Media sites. You enter them in The Social Media
network box in your members area and when you do,
you have just set yourself up to get noticed on
the net in a big way.

Yes, I know it is a pain to set up all those sites
but it is essential to do this so that you can reach
the largest and most engaged audiences on the net

If you need professional help to do this, you
will find that right here.

No Matter whether you set the posting sites up
yourself or use professional help to do it, you
MUST get set up at these Social Media sites and
blogs in order to effectively get the message
out about your own site.

Putting it off for another day, simply means putting
off growing your own business.

Hollween is fast approaching
I don't want you to turn into a pumpkin

Sign up for a Sokule account right here

Pick up the one time offer when you sign up
because you will need to be a silver member
or higher to access all of our 84 Social
Media posting sites.

Get your Social Media sites set up today.

As soon as they set up and as soon as you start posting
to them, that is the day you will see an enormous
increase in your business and in the traffic you
are able to draw to your site.

Social Media gets politicians elected.
It gets local businesses off the ground
It increases the reach of online businesses in
ways never possible before.

If you are not using the Social Media posting ability
at Sokule, you are not traveling anywhere

It is fine to take the Road Less Traveled but you
need to take some road now.

Sokule is a road map to your success

Walk on it


Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: If you google The Road Not Taken, you will find
the whole short poem there. Well worth reading and
thinking about. Jane





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