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What makes something go viral?
10-11-2010NABCDEFG by Walter Paul Bebirian
10-11-2010NABCDEFG by Walter Paul Bebirian

although many people have written about and proclaimed that one thing or another is viral or will go viral - the truth is that exactly what elements will come together at what time in history and in what location to begin a truly viral phenomenon is not known to anybody whatsoever - of course there are many people who would love to have whatever project that they are working on to all of a sudden go viral - be proclaimed the next big thing and land them tons of money because of this happening - but a truly viral happening has many variables that go into creating it being what it is and these variables are constantly changing every moment so that there are no constants that go into making any rules that will make this equations work all of the time  - just as an epidemic in the medical world cannot be predicted 100% - it only can be watched out for - warned about - at attempted to be thwarted but if it is truly happen virally then it will build itself up to a certain point of momentum where nothing will be able to stop it and then it takes off with a life of it's own - at which point it is then viral - 


and when something cannot be stopped - perhaps not because there are no elements in it's way or attempting to stop it - but because there have been many obstacles placed in it's way but when these obstacles have been placed in it's way it has morphed or developed almost instantly with great flexibility - a way to circumvent that obstacle - making it that much more unstoppable -


and here is the rub - catch - trick if you will - if you wish to make what project you are working on viral in nature - it is much more likely that placing things in it's way from growing virally by both yourself and as many other people as possible - will actually aid it in becoming the phenomenon you are hoping it will develop into! 


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