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How to get on top of a Twitter search...
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Social Media Search Engine


Here comes the World's Leading, fully integrated Social Media Search engine.


Get your web site listing on the top of the Kule Search display page or on top of a Twitter search,  facebook Search, a web search, and do it for as little as 20 cents.

+ Buy a keyword
+ Own a Keyword
+ Link to a keyword
+ Sell a keyword

Everytime you do, you make money

Sponsor others and earn from every transaction they make.

You make money whenever...

+ Someone buys your keyword from you.
+ Someone links to a keyword you own.
+ Your downline sells a keyword
+ Your downline links to a keyword whether you own that keyword or not.

We pay commissions to our members weekly and they love it.

The action is fast, furious and profitable.

You can join free, promote, and earn from downline.

You can fund your account with as little as 10.00, or any amount you like and join in
the action.

You balance could increase before you can blink.

Join as a founder. We will give you back 1000 KuleBucks to play with as soon as you join so be sure not to miss the founder oto when you sign up. You will pay much more for it later.

If you join as a partner, we give you back 4,200 KuleBucks as soon as you join. You can join as a partner in the Kule Search members area.


+ Buy keywords
+ Link your web sites to those keywords
+ Own a piece of the Web's search results starting right now.
+ If you own a keyword, you site will appear right at the top of any Social Media search
  and any web search done at KuleSearch.

If you link multiple times to a popular keyword, your ad will appear in the second position on ny relevant keyword search.

Haven't you always wanted to be in the first ten listings on Google?  How are you doing with that? Getting anywhere or do you have to spend thousands of dollars to get your website on to page 1.

Those days are over.

Now you can get your website not only onto page 1 but right smack up at the top of
Social Media and internet searches.

And, depending on the keywords or keyword phrases you buy and link to, you can explode your online income instantly.

Come see the lastest and most innovative site from Sokule developer, Phil Basten, and his
partner Jane Mark.

If it is the top spot you are looking for...
If is is fast, furious income you seek...

Look no further! Kule Search is taking the web by storm. Get into the action now at...

WARNING: This site is addictive.

Charles van Veen


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