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All Hands On Deck Lst chance to Collect Huge Sokens Bonus

All Hands On Deck


There;s an Xplosion going on on the net,
A Sales Xplosion.

The JPE Team is right at the top and
we are moving the needle but...

We need All Hands On Deck Right now.

You can get paid by Friday but you must
join and activate your paying member
account now.


We are the team to beat. We have over
275 people signed up but only 81 of
you have activated your account. Not
good enough.

We are all helping each other and we
truly are getting sign ups for those
who join after us so it does not get
any better than this.

This is not time to be sitting on your thumbs

I can't use a deck hand without a thumb:)
Get going on this site.

It is fabulous with fast start bonuses
and matching bonuses and monthly residual

It has everything you need to put bucks
in your pocket fast. In fact, by this
Friday if you act now.

There are certain sites that come along
on the net that make it dead easy for
people who cannot promote well.

This is one of those sites but if you thumb sit
and dont' activate your account, you just missed
the boat and I will have to fire you as
a deck hand;)

I have been getting the word out on Sokule
That's why the JPE Team is number 1

You can do the same thing and I am going
to make you an offer you can't refuse

Sign up under my link today or upgrade
if you are already on my team but just
playing dead:)


Then send me your payment receipt for Sales
Xplosion and I will put 350,000 sokens in
your Sokule account. Value 227.00

This offer is good for those who sign up
and upgrade today until midnight tonight

I need All Hands on deck Today.
I want you paid by Friday

Take me up on my offer see how below.

Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS To Collect your bonus you must

1) sign up under my link or upgrade under
it today.


2) send me your payment receipt for sales Xplosion
together with your full name and username for
Sales xplosion and your Sokule username.
Your receipt must be dated today, Dec 8th
or Tomorrow Dec 9th


This offer is good for the next 24 hours and
only for those who sign up today or who upgrade
today on the JPE Team.

If you are not a member of sokule, you are
missing out one of the best advertising tools on
the net. Join up now

Then start posting about Sales Xplosion on
Sokule. That is how you are going to get
sign ups.

Please allow 24 to 48 hours for your sokens
to be added to your account





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