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Sing for Your Supper- Jane's Sunday Sermon
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Sing for Your Supper- Jane's Sunday Sermon

Good Morning Sokulers,

You've heard this expression- no doubt
Sing for you supper.

It is the title of a Mamas and Papas song

The last line ends...

Sing and you'll be fed.

Sing For Your Supper is also a book about
musicals in the 1930's during the great
depression and how difficult it was for
them to survive although some did.

I relate to both the song and the book because,
if I had to: if all else failed and I could not
make a living or find a job, I could and would
sing for my supper.

In fact, I often wonder what life would have been
like if I had followed my true passion when I
was young which was and still is...singing.

I was on stage singing when I was 8.

I starred in every school musical I could wangle
my way into all throughout high school.

I can sing you every line of Carousel, or Oklahoma
or Brigadoon or you name it, I can play it on the
piano, strum it on the guitar and sing you every
last line.

When I was 17 and in France, I travelled with a young
man. His name is John Lithgow. You probably
know him for his staring TV roles in 3rd Rock from
the Sun and wonderful Broadway theater that
gave us The Changing Room and M Butterfly.

John read to me daily from Leave of Grass by
Walt Whitman.

When we visited the famous bistro, Le Lapin,
in Paris, he insisted I sing for the audience.
I did. Do you know who also sang at Le Lapin?
Edith Piaf (not at the same time of course):)

Yep me and Edith Piaf. Now there is something
to put in your memory book.

All throughout College right outside of Cambridge
Mass, I sang in a small coffee house called
Chumleys on the campus of Brandeis University.

We often opened for acts like Dave Von Ronk,
Peter Paul and Mary, Ian and Sylvia and many
of the famous folk singers of the day.

When I met my partner, Phil Basten, in
Australia, he was a singer of songs. We would
drive into town. from Glenelg to Adelaide,
windows wide open harmonizing some Peter Paul
and Mary song while passerbys wondered who
were these looney tunes signing their way
into town.

We never paid them no mind.

Yep! Throughout my life, I often sang for my supper
and if I had to do it again, right now, I probably
could and I know I would enjoy every melodic moment.

Sing for Your Supper Jane's Sunday Sermon

So what has all this got to do with you?

If you are reading this, you probably are working
at a business online, trying to make a living
in these very difficult times.

I want you to think about this for a moment.

I read a headline last night on a blog

Here is what it said:

"They Can't Read!"

Who said it?
My Mayor of New York, Mike Blumberg.

Who was he talking about?

Many members of the newly elected Congress in the US.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Saturday that
some newly elected members of Congress "can't read" and
don't know what or where China is.

Here's the point.

If you want to be a singer, you need to learn
your craft. I studied classical piano for years
I took guitar lessons starting at 6 years old
I took voice lessons with the best teacher I
could find.

I learned to make the music come from way deep
in my diaphragm so that the high notes could
linger for awhile.

I didn't just sing for my supper. I studied how
to sing for my supper. I trained to play the piano
and the guitar and I practiced every single day.

When I missed a day. It showed in my voice and
in the notes I skipped on the piano.

Yesterday, Mayor Blumberg was sending a message
to all those new politicians who rode to victory
not on their knowledge or their willingness to
learn but on waves of anger from a body politic
who would not or did not take the time to
to pause and uncover fact from fiction.

Now we are all stuck with the untutored, the
undisciplined , the sloganeers and the angry mob
without the wherewithal to understand in a
meaningful way how to maneuver in a complicated,
connected world.

If you don't learn to play your instrument by
practicing it constantly, you lose your voice
and the ability to perform

If you are in politics screaming about the
constitution but has neither read nor studied
its words, you are probably not going to
contribute to the dialogue in a meaningful way

If you are in Washington and can't add numbers,
you are dangerous.

2 plus 2 actually does have a scientific and
accepted ending and for those who make casually
make it add up to 5, they will set a foundation
that is weak and unendingly wrong.

If you build a foundation on premises that make
no sense, that house of cards falls.

So too in business.

If you build a business on water and air, you
are likely to fall through the ice when hell
freezes over.

Bottom line

If you want to succeed on the net, learn your
craft. Read the sites that you join before you
join them. Go to every webinar and seminar you
can get your hands on. Read books on how to
market. Write articles about your own site or
the sites you are marketing until you hone your
copy skills at least sufficiently to sell someone
else your idea.

If you want to run Washington, read the constitution
and the laws as they are actually written and take
a paper and pencil and see if you can make the
numbers add up before you try to peddle them to
the public.

Do the same for any business you run online
Make the numbers add up. 2 plus 2 really
does still equal four and if it doesn't
you are not in a business that will last.

If you want to make money online, join us
Tomorrow night and begin to learn how to
market online.

No I don't want to hear... yeah, maybe I'll be there
No I don't want to hear I have to put the kids to
bed, I will skip it.

No I don't mean...can't I learn tomorrow?

No...You can't be Scarlett O’Hara and put
everything off until tomorrow.

Register here and be there.
Monday night, Nov 8th, 8.00 pm est.


Find a way.

We are going to be demonstrating Sokule to
you live and in person and who knows you
may even get a song or two out of Phil and I:)

If you want to sing for your supper, tune your
instrument and like a fine Stradivarius, put
bow to strings every single day.

Your business will grow that way.
I promise you it will.

Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule , Inc

PS If you are not yet a member of Sokule , join
us right here so you know what we are talking
about:) http://sokule.com

PPS We are about to pre launch a new site on
Nov 11th. If you are not on our early alert
list for our mystery site which is a corker
join it right here.












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