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Jumping into the Pool...Fr*ee Bucks for Life

Jumping into the Pool...Fr*ee Bucks for Life


Sooner or later you are going to want to get wet.

Sooner or later you are going to want to jump
into the pool.

What pool?

The Kule Search Pool of course.


Every week, starting tomorrow, Nov 20th, the
founding and partner members of Kule Search
are going to get paid mon*ey they did not
do a thing for and didn't have to work for.

It's just dough that is going to pop into
their accounts every single week.

Sometimes it will be a lot.
Sometimes it will be a little

But no matter the amount, it will be there
week after week after week and you do not
do a thing. It pops in like magic.

Kind of like an annuity that never quits on you.

And unlike the stock market, your investment
will never go down.

You invest once and Voila!-
The pool split is yours forever.

Every week, at Kule Search, a certain portion
of the total keyword and linking sales at
the site are set aside and paid to the Kule Search
founders and partners.

Founders get a 1 to 1 split of the pool
Partners get a 2 to 1 split of the pool.

And tomorrow our current partners and founders
are going to split a very nice chunk of change.

Remember, Kule Search is still in it's
infancy. We just ordered our full scale
SEO work on this site, yesterday, when the
search engines opened up.

We just ordered videos and back linking
and huge advertising runs for the site

Our press releases will start rolling
out after thanksgiving.

Those of you who know how our Big Brother
site, Sokule, developed into a power house
on the net, know how we develop our sites

We go slow at first to make sure all the
moving parts work and then we ramp it up
and get rapid growth to all our sites and
we have never had a site do anything but
grow in our 12 years in the advertising
business on the net.

We own over 60 successful advertising
sites on the net and own 268 lists.

We can reach over 550,000 people with
a click of a mouse

I am giving you our track record, not to brag,
but so you can consider what jumping into the pool,
at this early stage, can do for you.

Those that jumped into Sokule early got
value they never even dreamed of when
they jumped into the water with both feet.

Sokule grew from a site that reached about
3 Social media sites to reaching 84 posting
sites and over 1.1 million people just at
the Sokule site alone. Founders who jumped
in early thought they were getting 40
posting sites. They got so much more.

We always work on and develop our sites,
over time, and if you are in at the get go,
we can usually get you to say, this is
really Kule!!!

We know how to grow a business online and
we are offering you part of Kule Search
for life.

You can sign up here and grab a founding
membership to the site as you sign up
or you can upgrade to founder or partner
right in the members area of Kule Search


When you upgrade to founder, we give you back
1000.00 Kule Bucks to spend on keywords and keyword
linking so you are getting most of your money
back as soon as you upgrade.

When you upgrade to partner, we give you
4200.00 kule bucks to spend on keywords and
keyword linking so you get a heap of your
money back right up front.

In order to qualify as a partner or founder
you do need to spend this 1000 or 4200 Kule
bucks at Kule Search buying or linking to
keywords or keyword phrases.

Once you do, a founder or partner seal will
appear in your members area which lets you
know that you are eligible for our pool

By the way, Kule Bucks are real money, real
dollars. When you look at your account balance
up in the right hand corner of your members
area. Those may say Kule Bucks but what they
are are real green backs which you can request
to be paid to you once you reach your founder
or partner status at the site. They are US
dollars and they belong to you.

Even if you are not a founder or partner,
you can request those Kule Bucks be paid
to you once a week and those requests will
start tomorrow and then those Kule Bucks
will be available to you once a week from
now on.

But today I want you to consider the upgrade
to founder or partner.

You invest once and no matter what else happens
at Kule Search in your account, you will get
to participate in the site pool forever.

And here is where the rubber meets the road.

Those that are founders and partners at the
site are the ones that are having their own
sites displayed more often on the Keyword



They own the most Keywords and keyword phrases
because they have spent a lot of money on them
in order to gain their founder or partner status
and that means they own the lion’s share of the
keyword and links sold at Kule Search so far.

So Bottom Line

If you can swing it, sign up as a partner
or founder at Kule Search today


Jump into the pool.

The water's great.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: Limited Availability

We are putting a lifetime limit for partnerships
at the site at 50 so if you want one, the time
to get in is now when we are in our infancy.
You will find the partner upgrade in the members

We are limiting founder memberships to 250.
You will find a onetime offer for a founding
membership when you sign up or you can upgrade
in the members area but it will cost you more
for the founder upgrade in the members area.

so bottom line.

300 people- total- will get to participate in
the Kule Search pool for life. That's it

50 partners
250 Founders

When they are sold, the founder, partner
pool is locked and you can lock one of
those places in today for life.

At 300, we throw away the key so don't
get locked out of lifetime income.


You make an investment one time and if you never
do anything else at the site, you will still
be paid with a 2 to 1 edge for life assuming
you have spent your 4200 at the site buying
and or linking to keywords.

Most of our partner spend that in less then
24 hours. I know I did:)

Founder or partner, this is what I call a
no brainer deal.

If you cannot swing partner or founder no
worries. Everyone makes out like a bandit
at Kule Search.

You can join fr*ee and fund your account
with as little as 10 bucks and buy keywords
most of which are still available for 20 cents

Free members, funded members, partners and
founders all can ea*rn by buying and selling
keywords and linking to keywords at the site

All ea*rn from every transaction their direct
referrals make.

If you are not yet a member of Kule Search,
you're just not Kule!!! And more importantly
are leaving a lot of dough on the table.

Join us fr*ee, funded, partner or founder
All are welcome. And all will profit.



Kule Search is an integrated Social Media
search engine.

If you own a keyword or link to keywords
that others own you can get your own site
up at the top of a Twitter, facebook, myspace
sokule, kulesearch and web search right now

Our engines are up and running and you can
get on them today.

This site is really Kule!!
I know what I am talking about here

If you want Kule Bucks, Kule Engines, Kule
ea*rnings and Kule advertising, the place to
be is here






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