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Nova Scotia Has gone from many farms to almost no farms in only two generations
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Nova Scotia Farms

Nova Scotia farms for sale are becoming increasingly hard to find. The past two generations have seen the small Nova Scotia farm be increasingly marginalized by consolidation of the dairy and poultry operations and the demise of beef and pork by importation from cheaper western and foreign producers. Dairy and poultry farmers have prospered under government and industry controlled marketing quota's while other agribusiness's have seen viability and profitability being undermined by the importing of most products from outside Nova Scotia's borders. While many farms have been taken out of production much of Nova Scotia's farm land is under pressure from urban sprawl. While there are many arguments solutions are few.

The good news is the resurgence of demand for home grown products and the success of many local farm markets. This has given small producers the opportunity to take their product from home to the consumer cutting out the miserly giants like sobey's and superstore who dominate the local grocery trade. Consumers are becoming ever willing to pay premium dollar for home grown, organic or free range product. They are being more concerned with what they eat. As that movement grows and is finally being promoted by government we may see the resurgence of the small family farm so long part of the landscape in this scenic province.

Many baby boomers grew up on these small family farms and would love to spend their retirement years enjoying a quiet rural lifestyle.

You also often see adds for Nova Scotia horses for sale as many small horse farms are enjoyed by many horse enthusiasts and large indoor arenas have popped up in rural communities surrounding the capitol city of Halifax. Many Nova Scotia's live and work in the city and board their horses at many of these small horse farms. There are still properties available being more affordable the farther out you go from Halifax. There is one real estate company near Halifax that has specialized in this type of property for over 30 years. Many of their listings are exclusive and cannot be found on the local MLS ™ system. The commuting circle around Halifax is where real estate is the most expensive with lower values outside commuting distance. Hants Realty Limited has serviced this specialized market since 1977 evolving from a one man operation to a multi-office diversified company offering real estate appraisals, mortgage financing, business brokerage and real estate brokerage services. Representing buyers and sellers with the purchase and sale of rural real estate requires a totally unique skill set only obtained with years of experience not found in an urban sub-division environment. Hants Realty representatives know the difference between timber and scrub woodland. The difference between a working farm and a hobby farm. They know what an acre of blue berry ground is worth and they understand the difference between sugar maple and red maple. They know hardwood from softwood and how much firewood you should have in your wood shed for winter. All supported by their 30 year old mantra "We Know The Country Best" Looking for a Farm in Nova Scotia? You might want to consider giving the people at Hants Realty Limited a call. Here is their website

Larry Matthews Oct 23 2010



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