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Disparities Jane's Sunday Sermon
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Disparities Jane's Sunday Sermon

You've heard the expression, no doubt...

"Life's a bummer and then you die"

Okay, okay. I changed it a bit.

It is Sunday, after all:)

I was reading an editorial this morning
by Frank Rich, of the New York Times, about
the disparity between the very rich in my
country and the  rest of us.

Here are the stats that Rich sites:

"The top 1 percent of American earners took in 23.5 
percent of the nation’s pretax income in 2007 — up from 
less than 9 percent in 1976. During the boom years of 2002 
to 2007, that top 1 percent’s pretax income increased an 
extraordinary 10 percent every year. But the boom proved 
an exclusive affair: in that same period, the median 
income for non-elderly American households went down
and the poverty rate rose."

And then of course the 8 year fantasy boom
went bust and here we are:

This year 47 million Americans live in poverty,

18 percent of our population went without
food at some point during the year.

59 million people now live without any health
care coverage causing an emergency room
crisis and housing crisis as they lose
whatever savings they had left

15 million Americans have no income at
all and another 12 million are barely

At the end of this month, 2 million Americans
will lose their unemployment benefits and
have no safety net at all.

4 Million are already in this position,

The numbers are staggering when you think about them-

We have built income disparity into our system
and raised it to a new art form at the beginning
the 21st century.

We are about to make sure that the grip around
the neck of the middle class and the poor grows
tighter and  the richest among us feed at the
trough of everyone else.

And who made certain that that is what would happen?

The very people who necks are about to be squeezed
until they cannot no longer breathe and their
faces turn blue.

Why do people do that?
I don't get it.
I never have and I suppose I never will.

Are we witnessing a form of societal suicide or a 
collective death wish?

I never understood the attitude that if you
are lucky enough to live in a country that
provides you schools, roads, teachers,
fire fighters, police and an army where only
1% of the population ever serves and where you
have the freedom to say and do pretty much as
you like... and you make it big that you have
no obligation to give back.

Fortunately, that is not true of everyone

I spent the weekend with one of my favorite
people on earth, Ken McArthur. Ken ran
another spectacular seminar this weekend
called the Social Media Road trip and Phil
and I were blessed to be part of it.

Ken is one of the rare individuals who is
always giving back. It is a way of life
for him and, when all else seems to be
going to heck in a hand bag, it is nice
to be able to hang your coat next to
a giver backer who has spent his life
trying to eliminate some of the disparities
and levels the playing field for so many.

Disparities Jane's Sunday Sermon

So...what happens when you see people
hurdling off a cliff, planting the seeds
of their own destruction.

Seems to me you have two choices.

Get out of the road and watch the train wreck happen
and thank your lucky stars you are not part
of it or...

Find a work around to soften the ground that
the hurderlers have plunged themselves into.

We have all seen collective suicide at work
We saw it in Jonestown in 1978.

We saw it in the 1930's and 40's in Europe

We saw it during the crusades.

And at so many other blood thirsty times in history.

When people are afraid, they will do anything
to avoid that fear

It's like having an unbearable back ache or
an injury, the pain of which you can no longer

So you try anything..any remedy, any surgery
any answer is better than enduring endless
pain and, if someone offers you a choice:

Snake oil or nothing...it is tempting to
choose the oil over the void.

Snake oil salesman always find a way to
fill a void. They charge in like the Calvary
and, when they find no resistance, they pull
their horses up to the hitching post, swagger
into the bar room, grab a dancing lady from
the stage, hoist her over their knee, force
her mouth open and pour booze down her gullet
until at last...

The fear and the pain disappear in the dawn of
an evening only to return at day's first light.

I don't like sleeping with snakes and oiling
up my skin has never been my idea of a good

So Phil and I took a look around the recent landscape.

Phil is an Aussie, as most of you know, and they
are use to handling snakes: oily or no and he

Enough with the cliff hurdlers and the me
first crowd.

He decided if could not prevent societal
suicide then maybe, just maybe, he could
use his creative talents to help those
who are about to be run over by a truck
they never saw coming,

Phil created an ingenious site on the net
which gives back to members 75% plus
of every dollar it takes in.

He created a site where people struggling
to put food on their table can come in
for fr*ee and, if they are willing to work,
can ea*rn a decent income.

He created a site where people who have
10 bucks to part with can ea*rn even more
income and, if they own or promote a business
online, they have a shot at getting the most
innovative advertising they have seen even
for as little as 10 bucks.

He created a site that is fun and easy to understand.

Entrepreneurs, newbies, Moms and Dads and people
who never sold anything online and don't plan
to can play and can win,

We call it the LEVEL PLAYING field site.

If you play your cards right, anyone can
end  up on page 1 of the search engines
of Twitter and facebook and myspace and
sokule and the web.

Anyone can make money at the site and
begin to level the some of the disparities
that are swirling in every direction you
look today.

We call it the Las Vegas of the Advertising
world because you can put your 10 bucks
in the slot and someone else anywhere
among our members can provide you with
a sale that you never promoted .

You don't need 3 cherries to line up in a row
and you don't need to be an internet marketer
or a genius at anything to make money
at our new site.

The site lets you buy and sell and link to
keywords on the net,

These keywords start at 20 cents and go up
in price from there every time someone buys them.

For 10 bucks you can purchase 50 keywords of
your choosing. Buy the right ones and
someone will buy them from you for a 50% profit

Buy words that are relevant to your own
site and link to those words for nothing
and you will have purchased yourself the
most visible advertising on top of
major search engines that you could only
dream about in the past.

The world is full of words- billions and
billions of them. Words in English. Words
in Spanish. Words in Chinese. If a word
exists anywhere on this globe, you can own
it and, in most cases, you can own it for
as little as 20 cents at least you can
now while the site is in its infancy,

When someone buys a word  from  you, you get
a comm-ission

When someone links to your word, you get
a comm-ission

When anyone in your downline makes a transaction,
you get a comm-ission

When someone, anyone, at the site not in
your downline links to your keyword, you
get a commission.

When someone, anyone at the site buys
your keyword you get a commission,

Who knew that words...words that we use
all the time, could prove to be so to be
so valuable and that you can ea*rn from
every single one of them

I warn you this site is addictive.

Once you are in it, you will never want
to leave it, ever.

And it is one of the best advertising sites
that Phil has ever developed. You will see
why on Nov 18th when we reveal the new
search engine that goes along with the keywords
you are buying, selling and linking to

If ever there was a disparity killer, this is it.

No point in fighting the snake oil salesmen
They have just ensconced themselves in the
halls of power to do their own bidding.

You have to drive with them.

You can go elsewhere.

Join us at Kule Search and find out where the
good times and the money flow. Where advertising
is an art that you can hold in your finger tips
and where the addiction causes no hang over
the morning after.


The disparity killer is here and it is waiting
for you.

Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

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