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Sound And Vision - Bolton And Leeds Offer A Massive Saving On The Philips Ambilight 56PFL9954 TV

The Philips 56PFL9954H 56inch LCD television was the first of its kind, to boast an aspect ratio of 21:9. With such and impressive width, the screen was soon adopted and adored by AV enthusiasts.

Philips is a giant in the world of consumer electronics, and has a fantastic reputation for being innovators in design and technology, constantly enhancing product performance whilst keeping an affordable pricing structure. Last year Philips induced the 56PFL9954H to the AV and TV market, and from day one this television received a lot attention. There was no other television on the market like the Philips 56PFL9954, and the 21:9 aspect ratio positioned it in a league of its own. The technology and features on the Philips 56PFL9954 stunned competitors and excited customers. For the first time AV enthusiasts could recreate a cinema style experience in their own home, with a sharper detail, better motion and brighter colours than a projector. Many sceptics of the 56inch cinema screen, had concerns to weather the 21:9 aspect ratio would distort and stretch standard television. They were proven wrong, as the Philips 56PFL9954 adjusted and adapted the picture seamlessly, without stretching or distorting the image. Another feature of the Philips 56PFL9954H, that could not be rivalled by competitors is the exclusive Philips Ambilight Spectra 3. The high-end Philips telestanvisions feature Ambilight technology, and this popular technology is desirable, which customers buying Philips TVs just for this feature. The Philips 21:9 cinema TV has Ambilight Spectra 3; this means light is reflected out of three sides of the television. The Ambilight is a great feature that opens up the television screen softening the edges making the picture easier on the eye. The light that is reflected on the surrounding walls, reflects and corresponds to the colours and motion on the screen, adding a whole new dimension to the 56 inch TV.

The Philips 56PFL9954 stands alone in the AV and television market with no other TV screens able to compete with such a desirable television set.  To reflect the high build quality, design and innovation that has been put into the development of this TV, the Philips 56PFL9954 carried a fair but high price tag. With a price of around £4000, the Philips 56PFL9954 was often priced well above people’s budgets, but now thanks to Sound and Vision, it is now more affordable at £1499.

Now Sound and Vision are able to offer this television at less than half price, and is the biggest deal they have had this year. Sound and Vision have bought the remaining Philips stock so once they sell out; this television will no longer be available in the UK.

Sound and Vision is an electrical retailer based in the North of England, with two successful TV shops, one in Bolton and the other in Leeds. They have a successful online retail store and a strong online presence with their web site http://www.soundandvision.co.uk .

With superior expertise within the Television industry makes Sound and Vision the ideal retailer to offer this incredible deal.

Sound and Vision have bought the last UK batch of Philips 56PFL9954H, and urge customers to take advantage of this unique offer before this 56inch cinema TV disappears for good.


  • Exclusive deal on the Philips 56PFL9954H Was £4000 now £1499 saving £2500
  • The world first 21:9 LCD Television
  • Sound and Vision TV retailers in Bolton and Leeds
  • Online retail store and heavy online presence


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