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Sokule Built For Business...This is nifty.

Sokule Built For Business...This is nifty.

Sokule was down for several hours while
we worked him over this morning.

The datacenter had a router problem
causing a problem in the DNS but it
is solved now.

He is back up now but, if you find any
glitches, please let us know through the
support desk.

As you know Sokule never sleeps but this
morning he got tired and took a snooze.

We apologise for the inconvience.

Now here's something nifty for you to take
a look at.

There is a blank space on the sales page of
Sokule now where the pictures of members
used to be. There is a reason for that.

It will be replaced next week with this nifty
vidio which you can preview.

This is just a demo version until we can get
it up on the site with play buttons and all of
that good stuff but you can get the idea here.


See what you think and let us know.

Have a great weekend


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc





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