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Cuddles-It's a Stretch... Jane's Sunday Sermon
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Cuddles-It's a Stretch... Jane's Sunday Sermon

Picture this:

A dining room table 30 inches high...

At one end is a carved Roast chicken with
a porcelain bowl of string beans standing
next to it.

Freshly baked fingerling sweet potatoes dotted
with butter and a touch of brown sugar sit
waiting to receive the final garnish of sliced
orange peel.

A black and white 2 year old Pom puppy is up
on his hind legs stretched as up as far as
he can possibly puff himself up to be and
still his eye level only reaches 29 inches

He trots around the 42 by 60 table his small
legs carrying him around the perimeter like
a toddler who's outstretched arms cannot reach
the toy he wants because he is using them
to try to stand.

Once around the table, eyes glued to the
chicken and the beans, Cuddles makes his
evening appearance at the dinner table making
everyone seated there laugh at his yeomen
effort to be one of the family and to
reserve the ever coveted wings of the bird.

Phil carefully divides a large biscuit treat,
in half, and commands Cuddles to sit which like
any dog knowing the treat is coming acquiesces
to Phil's melodic Australian voice.

Cuddles hungrily grabs the half biscuit,
runs it under the table and gobbles it down
amid the dinner table talk mixed with business,
politics and family.

30 Seconds later, he pops up like a cork
screw and makes his hind quarters prance
around the table still eyeing the chicken
with his piercing eyes and head cocked
making him appear like a circus dog.

"Sit!"  Phil insists.
Cuddles obliges.

"Good boy" Phil replies routinely.

Cuddles lies down in wait, always waiting
for the next available prance around the
table of warm winter smells of dinner.

Suddenly, a black ball of something whizzes
out from under the table and heads off to
the Kitchen.

Cuddles is in hot pursuit.

The black ball knows the game, runs under the
table, corners Cuddles, amid the telephone
wires and then gamely jumps up on another
30 Inch high Kitchen table where, Mr. 29 inch up
on his hind legs. Cuddles, cannot reach him.

Dr Peppers, the black cat fur ball, has gotten
the better of Cuddles!

That makes two.

The chicken and the cat have both managed
to alight just an inch above where Cuddles
can stretch to and he can neither catch
the Chicken or the Cat and:

That's that.

Cuddles...It's A stretch-Jane's Sunday sermon

Isn't life interesting when you need to keep
stretching to your maximum height in order
to reach your goals

With dogs it's easy. They are either stretching
to get love or stretching to get food and, in either
case, they are usually cute as punch so
they get both.

With people they are usually stretching to
get love or stretching to get food or a new
car or a new house or college education
and when 29 inches is always just shy of 30,
it can be very frustrating indeed.

Cuddles takes it well but then he gets both
love and food pretty much when he wants it.

He may not get the chicken or the cat he
wants, but he soon forgets those goals and
grabs a toy ball to play with or an old bone
he has lying around to comfort him when
Dr Peppers flies out of range.

He rarely gets in a mood. Nothing much phases
him at least not for long. He sleeps when
he wants to. Barks when the elevator opens
its doors and pesters Phil at the computer
when he is ready to play.

So what does a dog names Cuddles and a chicken
and a cat have to do with you?

It's about the stretching.

If you don't find a way to get from 29 inches
to 30 inches then whatever you are doing on
the net or in your business will end up
throwing you a bone but probably not much more.

Stretching, in this case, means taking a risk
and not be afraid of falling on your face
while doing so.

Cats and dogs are focused. They are either
focused on playing or eating or sleeping
and obtaining love from their owners.

People, at least much of the time, forget
to focus and instead of stretching to 30
they sometimes shrink to 28.


Because they do not take the time to
immersed themselves in a project until they
master it.

Once you master something, you can go onto
the next step and make it work for you.

Here's an example.

My partner, Phil, has developed many successful
sites on the net over the past 12 years.

He develops one. It starts out as a 29.

He looks over each one. Figures out how to
stretch it to 30 and even to 31 and at the
same time, he has another project on the
drawing boards.

It is not that every idea he has is brilliant.

Some are downright ridiculous but he works
them over until the ridiculous turns into
red meat and he is fearless when it comes
to failing. He doesn't give that a second
thought and what at first looks ridiculous
can often come around to marvelous.

But Phil does a couple of other things while
turning ridiculous in marvelous.

He reads
He trains
He learns
He watches
He Tweaks
He Tries new things
He risks

He is up on his hind quarters all the time
looking for the next chicken bone that someone
has left unknowingly on the table and when
they do, he pounces and the coveted chicken
leg is his.

So bottom line...

We all sometimes wish we were a cuddles always
loved, always cared for. but cuddles is entirely
dependent on Phil and I and our commitment
to care for him.

People are not always so lucky.

The world around us can be ugly and full of
pot holes to fall into with no one there
to ease the fall and when we sink we
stop stretching and can shrink to a
pretty small size.

It is precisely at those times when you
need to stand up on your hind quarters
and stretch to that 30 inch mark that
may seem just out of your reach.

Stretch for it.

Cuddles may not be able to grab the chicken
or the black cat, but you can.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc
Kule Search

PS: Phil's latest 31 inch stretch is really
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It is based on a site that he developed
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It is truly his best stretch to date and
I hope you are standing at a full 30 inches
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It is a site  you will never leave once you
are in there. Make it your 30 today.

PPS If you would like to meet Cuddles, Mr.
29, you will find him right here



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