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A Quicky Free Traffic Tip and Increase Traffic Now!
A Quicky Free Traffic Tip and Increase Traffic Now!

Traffic Showdown - We Put YOUR Sites On Center Stage!

Gday Stage Setters!
I wont keep you long at all today - just a bit of a reminder about how to increase traffic to your websites and whats going on for Starburst Sunday at Trafic Showdown and how we are going to increase traffic to your websites today.

A Quicky Free Traffic Tip

Here's a quick and easy way to get some free exposure and increase traffic to your sites and promotions....
free_trafficUsing blogs and forums to build your Opt-in list is a method to drive Free traffic to your website or blog.
The internet has provided a platform for anybody with an internet connection to state their opinions and/or read the opinions of others.
Every minute of everyday somewhere in the world thousands of people are posting their opinions on every subject you can think of.
Blogs and forums are powerful tools and they have become an important role in building your subscriber list.
Blogs and Forums are the electronic form of a town meeting.
Posting to your own blog and/commenting on other people's blog content is another excellent way to grow your list.
Get subscribers to read your blog by commenting on other blog entries. Use your signature with web address your link included after making your comment.
Your comments obviously should be relevant to the topic.
I recommend doing a search on topics that you are familiar with and end your search criteria with blog or forum. Select 3 or 4 popular blogs and begin commenting.
Posting comments and writing blog content is time consuming. You should plan on posting at least two or three times a week for each blog that you join.
Some important factors to keep in mind when you join blogs and forums for the purpose of list building are:
Refrain from going in like gangbusters and start posting blatant advertising.increase traffic
Take time to get to know the members of the group. There are usually a handful of regular posters to each blog or forum.
Be sure the signature tag that you use on blogs and forums contain your full name, as well as your web address.
Posting to blogs and forums using a signature tags to build your opt-in list does work but make sure you get your system organized before you start your project or it can become time consuming.
Told ya it was a quicky today....moving right along - its Sunday after all ;)

Affiliate Funnel

Woo-Hoo we are #24 at Affiliate Funnel and we have no plans of slowing down - #1 here we come! If you would like to help us continue to climb the rankings we sure would appreciate a vote! http://TrafficShowdown.com/appreciatesyourvote

Blog Reader Codeword

Funnily enough todays BRC is - Sunday - leave it below with your Showdown ID and you will find a nice bonus in your account :)

Today at Traffic Showdown

Carol has been out arranging some great promos for you and here is todays.....
We are joined by Volcano Hits and Go Green Hits today for a nice surf/dance off....lol
surf 250 at all 3 te's and send in your IDs to Carol here at Showdown (only) and each site will be giving away....
4 prizes of $1/100/100/100, 2 prizes of 500 credits, 2 prizes of 1000 banner impressions 2 prizes of 2000 text impressions
Not a member of these TE's?
Join Go Green here:

Join Volcano here:

Cheaters Beware

There has been a lot of talk about cheaters lately and I just have this quick info in case you have been worried about it!
Just a quick heads up and reassurance for my wonderful Showdown members! Did you know we have had massive custom coding done to intercept cheaters?cheater
Well we have! Recently there have been several signups from a group of people known as TE cheaters!
I am actually happy about this because its been the first real test of our security systems! If you notice that you have had signups and they are suspended straight away - now you know why!
Why do we suspend them instead of delete them? thats so our script can track them and keep them from signing up again - permanently removed is how we like it.
no cheater
We have some really cool stuff in place to detect and destroy - yeap! we are now stealth Showgirl fighter type chicks and YES! we have got your back!
I am confident and quite happy to assure you that your sites are being seen by real people who are actually here for the right reasons - just like you and me - so relax!
Thats all for today Stage Setters - Happy StarBurst Sunday!


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