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Hi All -  
We are sending this e-mail to only a selected few.
I have communicated with the person who introduced this to me and he has good inside information regarding this venture.  I know my sponsor personally - and I know that he does not get into anything before he has studied any program - so that is why I could not keep this to myself.  Once in a while a program comes along that makes me very excited to say the least.
There are a number of truly serious big-name hitters above us in this strong team. They will all be taking multiple positions (15 max allowed per person) and bringing their teams after launch...all of which is GOOD for those of us who are in now at the start ... the structure is a narrow 2 wide follow-me and there is going to be a HUGE amount of spillover.
Briefly, this consists of 4 phases. The first 2 of which are 2x1, followed by a 2x2 and then followed by a 2x10.
The entire payplan has been designed to ensure program longevity (note the re-entries into the 2x1 and the 2x2), fast cycling and payouts as well as long-term residual income. This is a truly ingenuous plan, the likes of which I have never seen in all my time on the net. The admin is a class act (look here http://fortune2x2.com/founders.html ) well known and respected on the net.
How does it work?
Basically, you pay $39.95 one-time and this gives you a position in the first 2x1.
You now need only two under you to cycle (can be your own positions, an upline re-entry, spillover or your own referral). Spillover is great for people who cannot refer or have any big downlines.  On cycle, you earn $39.95 cash PLUS a re-entry back into this phase. You are now at a fast break-even and anything earned from here on in is pure profit!
On second cycle of the 2x1 you earn another $39.95 and get a position in the second 2x1. (You will always follow your sponsor, just as your referrals will follow you always).
You are now in the 2x2 follow-me. Once it’s filled (either from spill or your personal referrals) you earn $100 cash, a re-entry into the 2x2 and your 2x10 spot (already placed!) is activated PLUS your first two months autoship of $25/month is paid. This is the long-term component of the plan. (Note that you get this two month autoship paid for the next two months every time you cycle the 2x2).
Features and products?
A very professional website and back office. On-site E-wallet and a Payoneer debit card at $10 (paid from earnings, not out of pocket). The product is 4 e-books per month. And no, not the normal re-hashed same ‘ol-same ‘ol: These are custom-written for Fortune 2x2 and can be opened from inside the member back office with one click and paged like a book. Videos in these e-books can be viewed right there. All links in the e-books can be changed at a click for your own link. These e-books are of superb quality, usefulness and value. Over and above the use to you, they can be given away and will be one of your main viral promotion tools.
Folks, there is nothing else like this around (no hype!). Being here early will place you in a highly advantageous position.
While referring is not mandatory for progress, you will of course cycle a lot faster if you do. Remember, this is a 2x follow-me ... so you only need two to get this ball rolling in a big way and there will be spillover from the top as well.

We look forward to hearing from you!  
Terry Cuthbert & Kevin McConnell


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