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Many years ago in the Basque region of Spain...

Many years ago in the Basque region of Spain, the  locals were in festive mood and all heading for the bull fighting arena on the edge of town.

It wasn't long before the arena was packed, the crowds with their picnic hampers and beer and wine in ice packed containers.   There were lots of banners waving in the bright sunlight and and the air was  heavy with anticipation.

At four o clock the parade of the matadors and picadors began and they strutted their stuff around the arena.   At around the same time, the owner of the stadium realized that he had a crowd of far more than he normally expected inside the stadium and many more were pushing and shoving at the entrances trying to get in before the first fight!   He ordered his staff to close and lock all the entrances and exits except one so that he could control the situation in a more seemly manner.

At about four thirty the first bull was released in to the arena and the proceedings got under way.

This caused a bit of a panic at the remaining open entrance as those outside started to fight to get in.

At about four forty two, the now enraged bull leapt over the barrier and in to the crowd.  This started a rapid retreat from the stands as the bull caused carnage amongst the unlucky spectators who happened to get in his way.  Those at the back, ran for the exits but quickly discovered that all except one were locked and bolted.

By now a deadly panic was setting in amongst the spectators and they all crowded in towards the  one remaining exit.   As those trying to get out, clashed with those trying to get in, many were trampled under foot and perished.    Many more were injured in the chaos...

!     !    !     !     !      !      !      !      !

...Now this story just down right proves what my old Granny used to tell me!

     !      !      !      !    !     !       !      ! 


     !      !       !      !    !      !      !      !

You Should Never Put  All Your Basques In One Exit!!!

     !       !      !      !    !     !       !      !


Come on, you didn't think I was serious did you?

Keith Darby



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