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Do onto others as you would have them do unto you. Merry Christmas

Christmas but who cares????

to those in need

a single mom in need.
an elderly man alone.
a teenager on the street.
but who cares?

No money to buy food.
No company any day.
No place to call home.
But who cares?

The social worker does her best.
The home care worker is there each day.
Shelters are a place to rest.
But do these people have a say?

They didn't plan their lives this way.
They have hopes and dreams.
Struggling each and every day.
Never getting ahead it seems.

Now's not the time to judge their state.
Now's the time to lend a hand.
We can help determine their fate.
Now's the time to take a stand.

We all can help in some small way.
We all can provide some fare.
We all meet these people every day.
We all can show we're the ones who care.

A kind word can do so much.
There's nothing like a kindly touch.
There's a gift for those who dare.
The gift of giving for those who care.

by Luke



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