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Weave Me the Sunshine

Weave Me the Sunshine

Hi [fname]

Weave Me The sunshine

I am a music addict.

I throw a disc into my computer every time
I sit down at it and do my own sing-a-longs.

You might be surprised to know that my Aussie
partner, Phil Basten, used to sing in cafes
in his younger days, and he can do a mean
harmony so I often get treated to Peter, Paul
and Mary in three part harmony.

My cats sing the third part:)

I was a regular singer in the Chumley cafe
in Waltham, Mass and Le Lapin on the
Left bank of Paris. Anyone know it?
Edith Piaf Sang there too.

I sang 500 miles, in Paris, with John Lithgow,
the now famous actor, when he and I were only
17. Think I am kidding? Ask John. He
will tell you.

At any rate I was just listening to a
great song called "Weave Me The Sunshine"
by Peter Paul and Mary and it reminded me
that working at a business is really just a
matter of attitude.

Here are a series of attitudes one can go through
life with.Everyone of them effects your business
and your success or lack of it.

Where are you on the Attitudinal Ladder?

Are you a One, Three, Five, Seven Nine or...
A Two, Four Six, Eight, Ten?

1) Nothing can get in my way-ever

2) Nothing good ever happens to me

3) I Can do anything I set my mind to

4) This is too much of a struggle. I give up

5) I can see the day when I will reach my goal

6) I have so many things to do, I don't know
where to begin.

7) I can learn anything that I have a passion for

8) This takes too much energy, I think I will
turn on the TV

9) I can invest in myself and make my business grow.

10) I have other obligations that come first so
my own success has to come later.


I think I would rather be a one, three, five, seven, nine
Wouldn't you?

Here's The Chorus of the Song that got me to
thinking today.

Those of you who know it sing along and for
goodness sake someone do the harmony:)

Weave, Weave, Weave me the Sunshine
Out of the Pouring Rain.
Weave me the hope of a New Tomorrow
and Fill My Cup again.

For all the One, Three, Five, Seven Nines among
you...Do this

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Jane Mark
JPE Advertising
Sokule, Inc





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