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Gemstones and color therapy
Any kind of jewelry as an accessory looks good and completes the look of  an attire. However, the beauty of gemstone jewelry is special as it gives radiant beauty to a person. Gemstones have the attribute of emitting light of a particular color according to the impurities present in them. It is said that there are energy centers (chakras) in the spinal column of humans, which each have a particular dominant color. When the color in a chakra becomes dull, then wearing a gemstone of that particular color enhances and strengthens that energy center. In this way, different colors of various gemstones can have a healing effect on the wearer. You can find an elegant and wide selection of gemstones, necklaces, earrings and rings at http://pearlsandgemsgalore.com. We are offering 10% discount and free shipping and handling.  We pride ourselves on our fast and friendly service. var fctb_tool=null; function FCTB_Init_c64a907a95334fa2822b33c2f6bf50f0(t) { fctb_tool=t; start(fctb_tool); }


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