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Take Your Life Back! Put Down The Cigarette Pack!


or for purchase with DISCOUNT:

http://www.greensmoke.com/disc10-11288 10% United States

http://www.greensmoke.uk.com/disc10-11288 10% United Kingdom

http://www.greensmoke.com/disc5-11288 5% United States

http://www.greensmoke.uk.com/disc5-11288 5% United Kingdom

Our Starter Kit contains everything you need to Green Smoke.

It includes: 1 Short lithium ion rechargeable electric cigarette battery with Green Tip Lights Red 1 Long lithium ion rechargeable electric cigarette battery with Green Tip Lights Red 1 USB home charger kit (includes USB adapter and wall adapter) (100-240VAC) 5 Nicotine cartridges (Absolute Tobacco 6mg, Absolute Tobacco 18mg, Menthol Ice 12mg, Red Label 12mg, and Vanilla Dreams 6mg) 1 Green Smoke electric cigarette manual

Green Smoke electric cigarettes consist of only two pieces, the cartridge and the battery. The cartridge contains a solution of nicotine and water vapor. It has a built in atomizer, which means that there is no cleaning or maintenance required. The battery is designed to optimize the perfect balance between usage time and weight. Just screw them together and puff! This will activate the heating element, and you will inhale steam with nicotine and tobacco flavor. Each cartridge should last you about 110-180 puffs – the equivalent of at least a pack of traditional cigarettes! You'll know when a cartridge is used up when the flavor becomes weak and has a burnt taste. Just screw off the old and screw on the new -that’s it! You’ll know that it is time to recharge the battery when the light blinks.


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