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Hood Winked -Jane's Sunday Sermon
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HoodWinked -Jane's Sunday Sermon

Tell me how this works

Someone says to you...

I need to save money.
My expenses are larger than my income.

So you say...Okay you have 3 choices

You can increase your income
You can reduce your expenses

You can do both.
Increase your income and reduce your expenses.

Most people, if they had a choice, would
choose to do both-increase their income
and reduce their expenses.

Most of us who look seriously at our annual
expenses can usually find a lot of fat in our
own budgets that we can cut but, even if we
do, depending on our income that may not
be enough to close the gap.

Even if we prioritize and cut out dinners
in a restaurant,  movies, new clothes etc,
that might not be enough to close the gap.

So we take a paper and pencil, cut where we
can and then try to figure out how to augment
the income we have.

At least that is the way most sensible people
approach the problem.

All of us have faced these choices at one time
or another in our lives and most of us figure
out a way to reasonably cut and augment at the
same time.

It's kind of like chewing gum and hopping on
one foot at the same time. It can be done:)

We take a paper and pencil and run the numbers
and figure out what we can do to sustain
the life style we live.

Sometimes, augmenting your income may involved
borrowing money from a lending institution.
It may involve borrowing from friends and
family. It may involve maxing out a credit

but...when faced with a financial dilemma,
most families figure it out and move on.
They hang together and they figure it out
and they move on.

Hoodwinked...Jane's Sunday Sermon

It always startles me how easy it is to
hoodwink people.

I am watching a whole nation being hoodwinked
as we speak.

Only in Government can you watch a debate in
Washington DC that is both trivial, selfish
and completely void of both a pencil and paper
with twisted numbers that can't be run in
any mathematical way that makes sense.

I am watching what is happening in Washington
(which affects much of what is happening
around the world) and I have to pinch myself
and ask are these folks for real?

800,000 Americans lost their unemployment
benefits last Wednesday when the congress
failed to extend them.

6 million more will lose their benefits this
month. Merry Christmas

They will join the ranks of 4 million Americans
who have permanently lost their unemployment

So 10,800,000 unemployed Americans will have
no safety net at all by the end of December.

Why? Because it is absolutely essential,
according to the idiots in Washington, that
millionaires and billionaires get tax cuts.

We don't have the money for these tax cuts
but what the hey, these people are in
desperate  need so they come first.

No reputable economist on the left or the
right agrees with this but what hey. We
will just stamp our feet and insist on this
and the heck with the consequences.

So... How does that affect you, you may ask?

Even if you don't give a rats you know what
about unemployed people in America, you will
begin to when they can't buy anything and
the economy in the states goes from bad to
worse. That has an effect everywhere not just
in the US.

So here's the point.

When you are faced with a financial dilemma
at least have the honesty to face it squarely.

That is what all of us do as family units
We figure it out and we deal with it.

Not to deal with it just puts you in a deeper hole.

And, since it is Sunday, I will remind you
that some things are simply immoral.

You would not let your Children starve in order
to buy a new Mercedes, would you?

You would not let your neighbor lose his house
if there was a way you could help, would you?

Americans are easily hoodwinked and now
they are about to live with the consequences.

They bought a pig in a poke and the consequences
are going to be dire not just in the states but
around the world.

You don't have to play this game.

There are ways to augment your income online

You will need to invest both your time and
money to do it. There are no fr*ee lunches.

But, if you are willing to have a bit of
vision and take pencil to paper and do
some simple financial planning, you can
change the personal situation you are in,
even as the powers that be turn their backs
on you.


Decide what is it that you want to do on
the net- Not how you want to make money- but
what you are passionate about and want to
work on for the next 5 years.

If you are a good affiliate marketer and
think you can sell other people's products
then grab 2 or 3 products that you like and
invest both your time and your money in them.

If you have a great idea and think you
can develop products or a program around
that idea, then find a programmer who can
help you do that and get going on it.

Put a five year plan in place with the
understanding that most businesses do not
make money until at least 18 months out
and more likely 2 to 3 years out.

The one thing you do not want to do when
starting a business online is hoodwink yourself.

You cannot put blinders on and think you
can dig yourself out of a hole and build
a successful business without taking a
pencil to paper and running the numbers
and looking at your estimated expenses
and your estimated income from any business
you choose to pursue.

You would not do this with your own home budget.

You cannot do it with a business budget.

You must take a serious look at the numbers
and take a calculator and add them up. Using
a calculator can be an eye opening experience.
Generally they are not rigged and you come
out with the true picture:)

And yes, you may have to borrow from your
savings to set up a business or you may have
to borrow from a lending institution if you
can find one that lends anymore or from
family or friends.

However, if you can convince yourself you
can build this business you have in mind,
then it is likely you can convince others
you can do it as well and that they will
invest in you.

Sell yourself first and then you can sell others.

Hoodwink yourself and you will have to live
with the consequences.

I'm putting my money on you.

go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

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