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Free Website Traffic with 5 More Top Tips to Traffic with Social Media Sites
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Free Website Traffic with 5 More Top Tips to Traffic with Social Media Sites

Traffic Showdown - We Put YOUR Sites On Center Stage!

Gday Stage Setters!
As promised I have part 2 of yesterdays article and 5 More Top Tips to Traffic with Social Media Sites below. This is also power point (my second attempt....lol) so I have recorded another presentation on using social media to drive free website traffic to your sites.

5 More Top Tips to Traffic with Social Media Sites

6. Link your social site pages together
Link your Twitter account to your Facebook, MySpace, Squidoo, HubPages and other social media pages...
And vice versa.
7. Use your real name so that you're easy to find
People who want to do business with you won't respond well to working with "BaseballBoy72." Instead, build trust by using your real name.
Doing so also makes it easier for others to find you on Facebook and similar sites.
8. Post good content
Social media is not just about networking, it's also about sharing information.
If you share some of your best information with your network, you'll get respect, trust... and more sales. Plus you'll establish yourself as a niche expert.
9. Optimize some of your content
Some social sites (such as Yahoo! Answers and Squidoo) get crawled and indexed regularly by the search engines.
As such, you may consider optimizing some of your content for the search engines by including relevant (longtail) keywords two or three times for every 100 words of content.
10. Get the most benefit for your time
Instead of trying to interact and build relationships with thousands of prospects, consider building a relationship with a handful of partners. That's because just one good partner can send you hundreds or thousands of prospects and customers.
In summary:  Social media is only expected to grow in the future - and now is the best time to get involved if you'd like to grow your business right along with it.
You can start today by applying the 5 traffic-generating, relationship building tips you just discovered!
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Friend me on Facebook - RealKymRobinson (i'll make us a Showdown Fan page as soon as I have a minute....lol)
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Today at Traffic Showdown

Traffic Showdown Manual Traffic ExchangeWell Its time to hit it for Theatrical Thursday!
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here we go....good luck to you!
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and the 1 winner of $20 is 1865!
Wow! how awesome is that!!!!!
Please contact Traffic Showdown to claim your prizes and dont forget the ranker updates tonight!
We could be having a party every week from here in if we can mantain our Top 20 position so remember to vote every day and of course....10 is best if you think we deserve it! ;)
Have a great day and ttyt :)
PS - got a video topic for me?
want me to make you a power point?  (it will be basic but I will make you one if its a topic that our other members would also find beneficial - leave you suggestions below.....thanks in advance!


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