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Gaming the System...Watch This You Win!!!!
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Gaming the System...Watch This You Win!!!!

By now you have probably heard of the fabulous
new site, KuleSearch, where you can ea*rn
commissions on every action taken at the site


The action never stops
It's fast furious, fun and profitable for everyone.

At KuleSearch the concept is easy and everyone
can play and everyone wins.

Here's how it goes.

You buy keywords.
You sell them for a profit.
You ea*rn a commission.

You ea*rn whenever your downline buys, sells
or links to a keyword.

You ean whenever anyone at all, at the site,
links to your keyword that you own.

You can buy keywords for as little as
20 cents. You can link to  keywords
for free when you own them and link
to others keywords for as little as 25

And you get the best advertising you will
ever get on the net, because your keyword
ownership catapults your site to the top
of a Twitter, facebook, myspace, sokule,
kulesearch, bing, yahoo and google search

There is nothing like KuleSearch anywhere
on the net and once you enter it, you will
never want to leave it ever.

But now I am going to let you in on a little secret.

You can game the system.
Yes it all legal.

We are encouraging you do this so you can
ea*rn even more money with every transaction
you make.

Here is what you can do
Sign up to a fr*ee account here

Sign up under yourself and fund that second account.
You can fund that account with as little as
10 bucks or more if you like.

In fact if you can swing it, fund
that second account as a founder. You can
read about that membership when you sign up
or in the members area of KuleSearch.

When you become a founder at KuleSearch, we
give you back 1000.00 to buy and sell keywords
and to link your sites to relevant keywords
and you can ea*rn on everyone of your
transactions. Just imagine how many keywors
you can own and link to with 1000 bucks
in your pocket.

When take an action at KuleSearch,
your sponsor gets a commission everytime
you buy, sell or link to a keyword so...

If you are Your own sponsor, you get the benefit
of everything you as your own downline.

Remember the song

I'm my own Granpa:)

Well that's exactly what you can become at KuleSearch.

Become your own benefactor.

Sign up under yourself and get the commissions
from everything you do.

That's called gaming the system and you will
love it.

You can , of course, ea*rn a bundle if you
promote the site and grow a downline and
ea*rn from everything they do as well.

It's a cash cow
We pay you every Firday

Couldn't you use some Christmas Ca*sh fast?

Go get Um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: For anyone joining as a member today,
you will receive 1 million sokens for every
250.00 Kulebucks that you buy at Kule Search.
That's a value of 1270.00. Grab it now

If you become a founder at KuleSerach today
you will get 5 million sokens at Sokule.
(Value 6350.00)

To collect your Sokens bonus buy 250.00 or
more of Kulebucks today or tomorrow and we
will add 1 million sokens to your Sokule account
for every 250.00 you buy.

Or buy a founding membership and you will get
5 million sokens at Sokule.

Your pruchase must take place today or tomorrow
This Offer ends Sunday, Dec 12th at midnight est.

To collect email me at


send me your full name, your kulesearch username,
your payment receipt for 250.00 of Kulebucks
and your Sokule username.

Not yet a member of Sokule, join us right here

Sokule is the parent site of KuleSearch.




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