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Off To The Races- Jane's Sunday Sermon
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Off To The  Races- Jane's Sunday Sermon

True Story...

I rarely go to the races-horse races that is.

But sometimes I get to the Belmont Stakes in
New York in June or spend a summer day in
the beautiful town of Saratoga in upstate
New York where the horses go to play in
the summer.

Whenever I do go, I always keep my eye on
the beer belly men who walk the floors,
heads buried in some local newspaper where
they read the stats on all the horses and
nod knowingly to one another.

If you listen carefully, you can hear them
banter back and forth.

"This filly in the fourth performed miracles
last week-definitely one to keep your eye on"

I make a mental note...filly in the fourth.

Wandering by the next set of beer bellies,
you can hear...

I got a hot tip. It's dukesberry in the 8th"
This 3 year old can really run in mud and we
got mud today"

I make a mental note of it and sit down on
my well positioned blanket outside o the
lawn where the people are spooning out homemade
coleslaw and the smell of fried chicken mingles
with paddock odor.

The women are setting out wine and beer
and sodas on long picnic tables and giggling
about the name of  the horse in the 4th race...
-Spuds on wheels-

"I like that name." says one young woman.
Her husband looks at her in dismay.

"You can't bet on a name he tells her firmly.

"Why not," she says. I can't do worse than
you do, as she holds up an old racing ticket
and deliberately tears it in half. Point
made. Husband frowns.

I make a mental note of it and walk on.

It's about 30 minutes until the start of
the first race.

I haven't looked at the names of the horses.
I haven't looked at the jockeys.
I don't know what time the races go off
I haven't a clue what the payoffs will be
or who the favorites are.

I spend five minutes looking at the program
for the day scanning the races to see one
thing and one thing only.

Is there a race with at least 11 horses in
it where there is no outright favorite
and at least 50% of the horses have
odds longer than 12 to 1.

Ah yes, There it is. Today It's the 10th race-
That's the one everyone scuttles away from to
get back to their cars before the crowds
push through the gates.

I walk up to the betting window
110.00 in hand.

"Wheel all the horses I say to the bet taker"
an elderly gentlemen with glasses and a beer

He looks up at me from his computer long
enough to take my measure and see if
I am serious.

"What do you mean-Wheel all the horses?"
he says with a grimace.

"Just that" I say with a grin.

" Wheel every horse with every other horse
on a 1 dollar exacta, please. That’s the bet
I want."

"Okay, lady, you got it. That will be 110.00"
he says shaking his head in disbelief.

"Yes I know", I say to him- money in hand.

He hands me a ticket.
I check it.

All with All it says.

I walk away past the beer bellied men with
their heads still in their newspapers, past
the ladies who love the names, past the
fried chicken and the coleslaw and the

I tuck my winning ticket into my purse and
watch the horses as they dutifully file in
circles around the paddock ring.

One looks particularly energetic and I
fall in love with him instantly. He is
many hands high, strong and sturdy, deep
chocolate brown in color with a white
star on his forehead and white patches
on 3 of  his hoofs.

He is prancing.

I am convinced he is going to win.

I tell the lady standing next to me.
"I have The winning ticket."

"How do you know," she says?

"Because I bet them all" I answer sweeping
my arm across the view of all 11 horses
saddling up.

She shakes her head and laughs.

I can see she does not believe me.

I just smile and wait for my winner to come in.

It always does:)

Off to the races...Jane's Sunday Sermon

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I have the winning ticket and you will too if
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Go get um.


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

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