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Fraudulent Foreclosures by your Bank...Please read below....New Law....be part of it!

Subject:  Foreclosures, Fraudulent Mortgages

*******************  I f you have been a victim as I, you will want to know about this....IF, you haven't heard already! This help is right on our doorstep and it is for the entire Country. This is not just for a few but for anyone who has had an injustice done to them with a new mortgage or refinance.I am going to list for you the banks that are currently involved in MORTGAGE FRAUDTHERE MAY BE 62 MILLION MORTGAGES

And so if you have a mortgage with:

Bank of America / Countrywide
IndyMac / One West
Wells Fargo
 If you feel you deserve justice, please, you need to follow me on this. This will be a mass law suit for everyone who has been done wrong by their bank.There is no sugar coating this...Most of the Mortgages that have been foreclosed or are in the process of being foreclosed have no legal right or authority to do so....as they do not own your home.....Yes, you heard me correctly!Okay, this is what has just been called to my attention and is on the Internet. 1) There are a handful of very prominent attorneys who have already started Litigation against these banks as they have they have no clue as to who owns your mortgage.   2) How to tell if your mortgage is involved in the massive Fraud....Please look at your mortgage and see if you can find something that will read as this... 'MERS" is Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.  MERS is a separate corporation that is acting solely as a nominee for Lender and Lender's successors and assigns.  MERS is he mortgagee under this Security Instrument, MERS is organized and existing under the laws of Delaware, and has an address and telephone number of P. O. Box 2026, Flint, MI  48501-2026, tel. (888 -679-MERSMASSACHUSETTS - Single Family-Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac UNIFORM INSTRUMENT WITH MERSThis is what my mortgage reads.  If your reads similar and mentions MERS......You my friend have a fraudulent mortgage.  They cannot take your home thebankslied.com Go to the section on "Litigation"Look for Litigation videosAnd just watch them...all of themTell everyone...Spread the wordWe will win....there will be justice for us....ALL OF USIf I may be of any help to you at all, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT ME nancy_coxall@yahoo.comYou are not sure if this pertains to you?....I can help you find out...probably within a matter of minutes.Thank you for listening and for your time!!!Remember this, our banks are committing criminal acts on us....and we collectively can and will stop them.I am on this crusade because I want justice.....justice for all of us.  They have ruined my life and I now can have it restored....and so can YOU!Again, just write me with any questions or concernsnancy_coxall@yahoo.com

Thank you......Nancy Coxall


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